Which Harry Potter character are you?

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Find out which HP character you resemble most with this fun quiz!

  • 1
    Choose a spell.
    I could really use Oculus Reparo for my glasses..
    Avada Kedavra
    Wingardium leviOsa (not levioSA!)
  • 2
    Which magical creature is your favorite?
    Serpent of course!
    Hmm.. Hippogriff, maybe.
    Niffles - they could find me the money I need.
    House elf - they're cute!
  • 3
    What potion is your favorite?
    Veritaserum - you can use it on people.
    Wit-sharpening potion for me.
    Hmm.. I don't really like potions... Not with Snape, anyway.
    Polyjuice potion.
    Invisibility potion would be awesome!
  • 4
    What are you like?
    Loyal and fun.
    Me? I don't know.
    Bookish and clever.
  • 5
    What annoys you the most with people?
    They always get on my way.
    Stupidity and carelessness.
  • 6
    What magical job you'd like to have?
    I'd like to work for a magazine.
    Probably an auror.
    A quidditch player..
    Is the ruler of the world a job?
    I'd like to work for the Ministry of magic!
  • 7
    What do you like to do on your free time?
    I eat and watch TV.
    Nothing... And everything.
    I read, mostly.
    I make plans and plots...
    I do sports!
  • 8
    What do people dislike the most in you?
    I get lost in my thoughts easily.
    I lose my temper easily.
    I am rather sensitive.
    I sometimes act like a know-it-all.
    I plan destroying them.
  • 9
    Choose a color.
  • 10
    Your friend/loved one is in danger and you have to choose between saving them or saving yourself. What do you choose to do?
    We both live or we both go.
    Die! I never liked them anyway.
    I try to save them with my plan.
    I wake up. Just a dream...
    I sacrifice my life to save them.
  • 11
    An ideal place for relaxing?
    The Quidditch field.
    Somewhere dark..
    The Great hall.
    I can relax anywhere!
  • 12
    The Yule Ball is coming, are you going?
    If someone asks me, then yes.
    Why not?
    I've never been there, so yes.
    Well, I guess I have to.
    I don't have time for that!
  • 13
    Most fascinating subject?
    Defense against the Dark Arts!
    Numerology or ancient runes.
    Care of magical creatures.
    I always liked flying.

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