Are you the Jealous type?(relationship)

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Have you ever wondered if you're the jealous type? Has one of you ex's told you 'you're way too jealous!' but you think you're not? You've come to the right place.

  • 1
    If your boyfriend/girlfriend took a selfie with another girl/boy and you saw it you would...
    Get a little upset but keep it to yourself
    Not worry about it, there's nothing wrong with taking pictures!
    Yell at your boyfriend/girlfriend and get mad for days
    Frown at the picture and ask him/her about it
  • 2
    If a random girl/boy came up to your partner and told them that their friend thought you partner was cute you would...
    Say 'Oh really? Yeah, I think my boyfriend/girlfriend is cute too'
    Not worry about it, girls/boys hitting on your partner is totally normal!
    Frown at the girl's/boy's friend and grab your partner's hand
    Go up to the girl/boy's friend and tell them not to fuck with your partner
    Get a little mad at how shameless the people are but ignore them
  • 3
    You notice your partner stare at another girl/boy for a little too long, you immediately...
    Not worry about it, your partner still loves you!
    Get a little mad for it, but you look at other people too so...
    Scorn them and get mad for a couple of days
    Say, 'yeah, keep on staring like I'm not fucking here'
    Ask them about it and say 'you should ask them for their number already'
  • 4
    You and your partner are walking when all of a sudden a car honks at your partner, you would...
    Yell 'Yea, she/he's hot isn't she/he?"
    Ignore the car and keep on walking with your partner
    Flick the fuck out of the person and cuss them out
    Yell 'go fuck yourself, bitch/dickhead'
    Get a little mad at the person for being so shameless
  • 5
    Your partner hasn't talked to you in three days, you see him/her online on Facebook but he/she isn't messaging you, you immediately...
    Do not message him because you want to keep your pride intact
    Message him/her saying 'Are we even in a relationship anymore?'
    Message him/her and say ' what's up, babe? have you been fucking around with another bitch/dickhead?'
    Don't worry, you and partner haven't talked for much longer than that!
    Thinks she/he's messaging with another bitch/dickhead
  • 6
    Your partner is wearing a really attention-grabbing attire, people from the opposite gender start noticing them and you immediately...
    Ignore the people, your partner looks decent and they are just dickheads
    Give your partner your sweater and tell them 'you must be cold'
    Don't worry, your partner loves attention after all!
    Get a little mad for all the attention your partner is getting but keep it to yourself
    Tell your partner to cover themselves and stop being a whore
  • 7
    You see you partner talking to another girl/guy and you immediately...
    Be nice to the person and become best friends because you don't worry at all!
    Walk away because you partner is being a whore and you want to end your relationship
    Ask your partner about it later but not really worry about it
    Walk away because you don't want to be in an awkward situation
    Go up to the person and introduce yourself as your partner's girlfriend/boyfriend
  • 8
    You and your partner are at a party, someone asks your partner if they want to dance, you immediately...
    Tell your partner it's alright and to have fun, but not TOO much fun
    Tell your partner it's alright but internally you're killing that person
    Tell your partner it's fine because you are confident
    Tell your partner they CAN'T dance with that person
    Tell your partner to stop being a whore and they can't dance with that person
  • 9
    Your partner goes out to eat with his/her 'homosexual' friend(that is the opposite gender), you immediately...
    Tell your partner it's alright because they are homosexual so it doesn't matter
    Tell your partner 'That person better not be straight!'
    Get a little mad because it sounds like a date but keep it to yourself
    Yell at your partner 'That is no homosexual! That's your fuck buddy!'
    Are confident in your partner and trust them that the person is homosexual
  • 10
    Your partner is very attractive and self-confident when she/he puts a somewhat provocative picture on Facebook and people start commenting shameless things, you immediately...
    Get a little mad because your partner deserves more respect
    Get mad at all the attention your partner is getting and think to yourself 'what a whore'
    Put a comment saying 'you sexy babe'
    Talk to your partner about it and tell them to have more self-respect
    Tell them to remove it and stop being a skank/manwhore

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