Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief =)

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Here are 10 questions on Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

  • 1
    Who does Percy Jackson fight at the end?
    Michael Jordan
  • 2
    In the beginning, how do they find out that he is a son of Poseidon?
    His mom tells him that he is special
    A triton hovers above his head
    Someone gives him a puppy that tells him =)
    He's abducted by aliens
    Poseidon comes and tells him
  • 3
    When Percy met Ares, the war god, did Ares give him a gift that was hidden? If so, what was it?
    Huh! Were you talking?
    No, Ares is a god, they can't steal things from other gods!
    No, I don't even know what Percy Jackson is!
    Yes, the helm of darkness and the lightning bolt
    Yes, Zeus’s daughter's love
  • 4
    At the end, during his battle, how did he defeat his enemy?
    A water triton
    His father helped him
    Percy Jackson has an enemy
    Anabeth's knife
  • 5
    In the movie of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, does Anabeth like Percy? if so, what are her EXACT words of how she feels?
    "I love you!"
    "I definitely have strong feelings towards you, just don't know if their good or bad"
    "You're the worst person alive!"
  • 6
    What is the name of Anabeth's mom? Not step mom.
    Athenta, the goddess of wisdom
    Ares, the god of war
    Her piano teacher/mom
  • 7
    How old is Percy?
  • 8
    What diseases has Percy been diagnosed with by a mortal doctor?
    ADHD and dyslexia
    Like I said earlier, I haven't the slightest clue about anything from Percy Jackson! =1
    The flu and writers block
    Chicken pox and ebola
  • 9
    Who are Percy's friends at Camp Half Blood in the beginning?
    Anabeth and Hades
    Grover and Chris
    Anabeth, Grover, Luke
  • 10
    How did you enjoy the quiz? BE TRUTHFUL!
    Completely the best quiz ever!
    Just give me my score already
    I hated it.
    I still have no idea what Percy Jackson is

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