Who's dominant in your relationship?

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Are you submissive, dominant, or neutral in your relationship? Do you need to toughen up, or bring it down by a few notches? Figure it all out here!

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    What's your personality like?
    I'm quite and calm, and a little shy.
    Shy around new people, but crazy when they get to know me.
    I'm crazy! People tell me to be quite all the time.
  • 2
    Scenario: you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are in the car just driving around and having fun, blasting random music. But a particular song you hate comes on, and they laugh and say they love it. What do you do?
    Change it immediately, telling them you hate that song.
    Pretend to like it too, so they're happy.
    Wrinkle your nose and give them a funny look, but not really being rude about it.
  • 3
    Who kisses who?
    We kiss each other, that's how it's supposed to be, right?
    They kiss me, but of course I enjoy it.
    I usually kiss them, they always seem a little shy.
  • 4
    So, who asked who out?
    I asked them out, because it seemed it wouldn't happen from their end.
    They asked me out, and I thought it was great!
    It was more of a neutral thing, we asked each other out because we both liked one another.
  • 5
    Scenario: He/She puts their hand on your thigh, slowly moving towards your inner thigh. What do you do?
    Begin to feel a bit nervous, but you look over at them with a little grin and return the favor.
    Be surprised by their boldness, but then pull them towards you and kiss and bite their lips.
    Let out a shaky breath, nervousness bubbling up as you watched and waited to see what they where going to do.
  • 6
    If you post pictures on social media, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect) who usually takes the pictures and who posts them?
    We both do, acting cute or crazy in each one.
    I do, usually randomly picking my phone up and snapping a pic of us, then posting it if I feel like it.
    They do, and they're usually the ones taking pictures of us together.
  • 7
    Scenario: Someone pretty attractive is talking with your boyfriend/girlfriend, what do you do?
    Raise an eyebrow and wrap your arm around their waist/shoulders, introducing yourself.
    Become upset, but stay away so they don't see that.
    Stand right next to them, casually grabbing their hand.
  • 8
    Who usually decides on where y'all go for dates, or to hang out?
    We both do, and it doesn't matter where to either of us really.
    I do, because they don't usually suggest anything.
    They do, and I don't really mind either.
  • 9
    Do you feel you have a submissive, aggressive, or neutral relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
    I think I'm actually dominant, but again, I don't usually mind that.
    Nope, we're both pretty equal.
    I think I might be aggressive, but it's only because I feel like I need to be to feel like I'm in a relationship.
  • 10
    Last scenario: Your boyfriend/girlfriend asks to break up, but gives a lame excuse as to why they want to break up. What do you do?
    Roll your eyes and ask "what is it really?", while becoming a bit sad.
    Take the excuse, not bothering to ask for a real one, because you’re to hurt to ask.
    Glare and demand a better answer, becoming angrier.

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