Do you really like him? ((GIRLS ONLY))

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Do you really, truly like him? Or are you just attracted to him? Or are you not sure?

  • 1
    How much do you think about him (besides when you're talking/texting/etc)?
  • 2
    When you pass him in the hallways at school (or anywhere), what do you do?
  • 3
    What do you like the most about him?
  • 4
    What are your relationship goals?
  • 5
    If he asked you on a date, but you really, really wanted to just stay home and chill for the first time in six months, what would you do?
  • 6
    Let's pretend you have your least favorite class with him on Monday and that's the only class you have with him. How do you feel?
  • 7
    If he texts you first (or if you don't have his number, then starts the conversation), how do you feel?
  • 8
    Almost done, hang in there! How much do you tease him?
  • 9
    How many people have you told that you like him/think you like him?
  • 10
    Last question! Do you think you like him?

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Liz (58815)
187 days ago
He says he isn't looking for a relationship so idk if he likes me or not
beth (48523)
187 days ago
but hes not particularly attractive, i just love his personality and hes really grown on me. he used to like me and i turned him down but weve got really close and i think im starting to like him, but i think he likes my friend and i starting to just feel like im in second place even though he doesnt really have a shot with her. i want to tell him how i feel i just think it would mess everything up
Ahmya (72197)
188 days ago
I like this guy that I'd only seen once. And I can't get him out of my head. Everyday when I go to sleep i replay that day in head,mad that I didn't have the balls to ask him for his number. And the worst part is,I'm never going to see him again.
Insert Name :v (35052)
193 days ago
So, apparently I like him a lot (I say apparently because even if I think of him very often and think he's funny, smart, sarcastic, a nice person and very cute with those eyes and that hair, I don't actually talk that much to him thanks to my shyness to say that I like him or that he considers me a friend) and today was the last day that I was ever gonna see him (because he is two years older and he is graduating) and all I did was saying good luck with university and teased him a little with another girl. At least this time I wasn't nervous enough to be mean (when I like a boy idk why but I am very mean towards him :'v)
Bethany (89886)
201 days ago
Yea I'm confused. My friends say that it's obvious that I like him but I don't know whether I do or not. He has a crush on me but I feel really mean because I have never thought of him as anything except a friend.
Aimie (59962)
203 days ago
I guess I don't like my boyfriend then anymore. I don't think I have ever loved him
destiny (06546)
217 days ago
I like this boy he had moved across the street from me and he would come over every day he would make me happy and we were always laughing when we were around each other then he moved to the town next to us and we thought we wouldn't see each other but he ended up staying in the same school but we never saw each other because we had different classes then I left that school and I didn't see him any more but one day when I was gone with some family members my mom ran into him and he was asking for me and told her to take a picture of him for me to see and now I have it on my phone and when I go to my pictures I see him and I still like him a lot but I just found out he has a girlfriend now and then I see that picture on my phone and it makes me think of him and I don't know what to do
CJ (35102)
220 days ago
Hes handsome funny and sweetish,my classmates make fun of us as bf and gf,he often say he love me is dis true love?
Alexa (46238)
238 days ago
So hes a new friend he actually cares about me i think he has a crush on me too i tild my best friend and she told me stroy that she has a new crush as well and it was my crush but then whatever but i had a rwlly crush on someone else so i like him a lot but i srill love my other crush but now im just so cinfised but i think i should go with my new crush cause he actually cares avout me
help me (54265)
239 days ago
I liked this boy in high school for nearly a year and he used to tease me a lot but then one day I got in a big fight with him we made up but it hurt me a lot but then there was this other guy I started to like, I liked him for nearly 6 months, I was texting him and one day he said he liked me and I told him I liked him too. He was really happy and that night I couldn't sleep at all but after a few days it felt like my feelings for him were fading. The other guy I liked is my guy best friend I told him I liked him last year because of several reasons. But those 2 guys would be in my mind often and I didn't know who I liked anymore. What should I do?
Cali (04693)
243 days ago
I've known this boy for years. I used to have a crush on him, but it was like in 5th grade. He moved schools and now as a freshmen he showed back up but I don't know how I feel about him. He did ask me out, and out of nerves I told him not this year but maybe. Apparently I made his day. I still don't know if I like him of not. It's very confusing. 💗 hormones.
Crying in tears (90968)
260 days ago
I have such High standards and this 💗 disrupted my concentration ;-; how is a girl suppose to go to uni when I know I wont ever see him in one of a bijillion chance. I mean I dont have a registered cell and he doesn't have facebook so now its for sure I will never see him again!!!! *sobs*
Crying in pain (51742)
266 days ago
This quiz must suck.. In the beginning of school I liked the new kid. So did my best friend. Well of corse she got him, she's pretty and smart and like who would chose me. Then I stopped liking him for a while and dated other guys and that never turned out good. Now they have broken up three times and I'm here watching them be happy. Worst part is that he's my guy best friend. HE EVEN SAYS HI BEST FRIEND EVERY DAY TO ME AND ILL SAY IT BACK. We can have normal conversations but I'm still left here alone. Every conversation he'll stop in the middle start texting her and telling me what they say. Watching them together hurts me and this quiz is so fake, don't even try it
lex (26905)
270 days ago
he asked out my bestfriend today after telling me he loves me and winking at me
Anonymous (35215)
274 days ago
I think I like this guy my best friend is very popular and knows all the older boys and she said I must speak to him at 1st I said No cause I don't just give out my number but I'm starting to develop feelings I think I'm not sure I just told her she said I have a chance but I don't want a relationship he is in grade 11 and I'm in grade 8 she said she will question him tomorrow I like where we at but I wannna speak to him more and I also don't like his face but I love his personality
Madison (67879)
275 days ago
They lied. I really like him, and they said I don't like him. Would not do it again. Half a star.
Forever alone and confused (65335)
280 days ago
So my crush likes my best friend and I have been trying to get her to like him cause he's my friend and he's amazing and I don't know how she doesn't like LOVE HIM but he told my friend AND his crush (my bestie pay attention) that he's gonna give up on her if she doesn't like him and I don't think he should I want him to keep trying with her so I can happily be friend zoned but if he gives up on her then I have a chance but I'm the last person he'd ever like and he told my other friend the he likes hanging out with me so I guess what asking is should I try to get somewhere with my crush ? Or should I just happily get friend zoned?
Tay (36585)
283 days ago
Ugh he's super cute but I was confused whether I really do have feelings for him but now I'm sure and hope he likes me back too
Molly (12168)
285 days ago
this is so fake theyŕe I like this boy named albert and itś a lie because i dont and i chosed every single thing that i felt about him.
Doesn't matter (29617)
287 days ago
I've took like a million test/quizzes and they all say I'm "in love" and this says I'm don't even like him puhleaz