Could You Survive Star Wars Clone Commando Training Camp?

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See if you would be able to survive the intensive training of the most elite clones in the Republic Army!

  • 1
    The alarm sound in your barracks. Time for training! But it's six in the morning! What would you do?
    I climb out of my bunk and wake my bunk-mate. We begin getting ready, just like everyone else. Once we're finished, I walk briskly with my squad to formation.
    I'm already up! I've been up since like four! I'm already in my armor, just sitting on my bunk, waiting for the alarm. When it finally goes off, I run out and I'm first in formation!
    I roll over and wait. I'm still awake, but want to sleep more. Once the other person in my bunk gets up, I climb out of my bed slowly and get ready.
    I roll out of bed grudgingly. I hate getting up early, but if I don't I'll get in trouble. I pull on my armor, irritated! Then I walk, half asleep, to formation.
    "Just five more minutes!" (Sleep in for three more hours!) It's too early!
  • 2
    Training has begun! Your Cuy'val Dar training sergeant walks in front of the formation, inspecting the troops. What are you doing and what do you look like?
    I'm holding my helmet in one hand, talking to the guy next to me. When the sergeant comes by I stand like everyone else, but after he walks past I go back to talking.
    I'm standing at attention, helmet under one arm, looking strait ahead.
    Are you kidding? I'm still putting my armor on! Give me a brake, I just woke up!
    I lean casually against the guy next to me with my elbow on his shoulder. I then full out and apple and begin eating it happily!
    I'm standing at-ease with my helmet on.
  • 3
    Your squad arrives at the Sickener, a trench filled with guts, blood, and organs from animals. It is designed to help you put up with the most sickening things in the galaxy. Your sergeant orders everyone in. What would you do?
    Heck no! There is NO WAY I'm climbing in there! I don't care, I'm not touching that stuff!
    I climb in feet first, holding my breath. THIS IS SOOOOO NASTY! I finished as quickly as possible! Let's just get it over with!
    I looked in and take a breath. WOW! That stuff stinks! I turn away and throw up!
    I jump in with my squad, holding my breath. Let's do this!
    I'm the first one in! This'll be fun!
  • 4
    Now you are on a training mission. Surveillance is key! You've been lying prone for six hours straight! A group of battle droid walks up and takes a position down the hill from you! They haven't seen you, but are looking your way. If you move they will instantly see you. This doesn't seem too bad, until you feel the need to use the bathroom. What now?
    I have to hold it in until the droids leave. My squad's counting on me, my sergeant's counting on me, and if I move, we will all die!
    I don't move. I can hold it for a little while longer! But how long can I keep this up?
    I urinate where I lie! That's what our sergeant taught us to do. It's nasty, but my choices are: lay in pee for a while, or move and get me and my team killed!
    I'm not holding anything! I jump up and run, no matter if the droid see me or not! I NEED TO PEE!
    Once my stomach start to hurt from holding it too long, I try to time it perfectly so I can jump up and move out of sight of the droids. There is no way I'm peeing here!
  • 5
    On a test one of the questions is: "Which of the following work most efficiently to take down a droideka's shield?" What's your answer?
    My DC-17m blaster will do just fine!
    Ion pulse grenade!
    Thermal detonator! Go originals!
    EMP (electric magnetic pulse) grenade!
    Frag grenade!
  • 6
    You are practicing rapid entry. How do you get through the locked door?
    Hide and wait for someone to come use the door, then sneak in behind them!
    BOOM! Pack a bunch of dets right in front of the door and press the detonator!
    Start hacking into the control console. It's slow and boring, but at least it's stealthy!
    Run around looking for someone with a key card, kill them and take the card, then walk in through the door casually!
    Set a det on the door, move to the sides with your squad and blow the door open, running inside and blasting anything that moves!
  • 7
    You are just at the range, doing target practice. Now you are a commando, so you are good at this stuff. But the clone rookie next to you is having trouble. What would you do?
    "Get out of here kid! If you can't hit the target, why are you here?"
    Ignore him and continue looking like a boss getting only headshots!
    " Hey kid, check this out! This is what a real marksmen looks like!"
    I ask if he wants help, and after he says yes I show him what he needs to do and explain what I'm doing, then walk him through it, and then let him try it by himself.
    I set my blaster down and walk him through the motions.
  • 8
    On a practice mission, one of your squad gets shot and is unconscious. luckily they're only practice rounds, but you still have to complete the training, so what now?
    Forget the mission! My buddy comes first. I use the rest of my practice time to hide and help bandage him up.
    He'll slow me down. I leave him behind and complete the mission!
    I stand over him and blast the incoming droids. I won't leave him, but I won't let them finish him off either!
    I know he'll slow me down, so I hide his body and come back to help him later.
    I carry him on my back. If I finish, you're coming with me!
  • 9
    You messed up and a sergeant is getting in your face, shoving you, and yell at you. How do you respond.
    I know I was wrong, and it won't happen again. Continuously apologize until he stops!
    I shove him back! No one touches me! I'm a commando and I'm strong, this guy isn't going to push me around!
    I messed up? I don't think so!
    I bring up something the sergeant did wrong once to get back at him!
    I stand, silent, and just nodded, holding in my emotions.
  • 10
    You are now an official commando squad! You and your four squad mates are ready for battle, but do you really want a team?
    Yeah, I guess a team could help. I really don't care either way.
    "Alright boys, were a squad now!" I happy! I've grown up training with them, how could I possibly so no now? We are brothers, and we stick together! Vode An! (Brothers All!)
    NO WAY! You three will just steal my thunder!
    Yes! I need a team, if I don't have I team I'm for sure going to die!
    Bye guys! I've always been a solo-act anyway!

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