The Sorting Hat

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I know that I don't look like much,
But my purpose here is clear,
To sort all Hogwarts students,
Into Houses every year.

  • 1
    Do you break rules or do you prefer to follow them?
    Don't think of punishment, it's just about the principle.
    Rules are there for a reason and I will follow them, because I know it is usually the right thing to do.
    I break rules if I have to. There are far more important things. It's not that I break them for fun...
    I will think about the background, the original sense of the rule. Based on that, I will decide if I break it or follow it.
    Most old rules and traditions have their background and I will stick to it. Alas, there are lots of modern rules I'd prefer to break. But I rarely do that.
  • 2
    Hogwarts is - as we all know - a school. What do you think about learning?
    I don't really enjoy it, but I do what's necessary. Still, I prefer other activities!
    Good grades are very important for me, so is knowledge in general. Of course, I learn a lot! And I'm good at school.
    I enjoy working in general, and even though learning is not necessarily my favourite, I do it gladly.
    I don't really care about my grades (even though they are mostly good) but more about the subject itself. So I prefer thinking and discovering over learning itself.
  • 3
    What do you think of other people's opinions? And what do they think of yours?
    It depends on the thing, but usually, most people share opinions and the good opinions are often popular, aren't they?
    I can hardly find people who share my opinions and thoughts on various things.
    I like to listen to other people's opinions. Mostly, I share other people's opinions. I don't tell my own opinions often, though.
    It depends on the person, really. But most of my friends an family share my opinions.
  • 4
    What is your temper like?
    I am not really stable, my mood tends to swing. I'm overall friendly, but rather awkward at some points.
    I am polite and controlled, but still witty and rather smart.
    It's rather short. I'm a fiery person and let everyone know that.
    I'm patient and calm, also very loyal and friendly.
  • 5
    Pick an element.
  • 6
    Are people who get good grades more intelligent than others?
    Yes, I think so. The smarter, the better, right?
    People who narrow-mindedly learn books by memory, are not at all more intelligent than people who think on their own.
    Geeks are smart, but I have other priorities.
    Knowledge isn't all but still very important. People with good grades are often intelligent, but always ambitions! And ambition is a good thing.
  • 7
    What annoys you in a person?
    Laziness and idleness!
    Intolerance and narrow-mindedness!
    Cowardice and spinelessness! Disgusting!
    Pointless progress and idiocy.
  • 8
    What is your house of choice?
    Where I can help and where people help me and like me!
    In a house where I'm accepted and where my mind is satisfied!
    In a house with traditions which appreciates ambition and values!
    A house for brave and courageous people!
  • 9
    What do you want to do in Hogwarts?
    I want to learn and discover new things!
    I want to do and learn useful things!
    I want to achieve good things and support my house!
    I want to learn and use my knowledge!
  • 10
    Which terms do people usually use to insult you?
    Arrogant, boastful, reckless, hot-headed, overrated
    Weak, dumb, uncertain, shy, dependent
    Weird, awkward, different, mad, Geek/Nerd
    Old fashioned, arrogant, ruthless, dated, Geek/Swot

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