What's Your Spirit Animal?

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Want to know which animal stays with you and what they are most likely to be?

  • 1
    Which of these do you feel most pulled towards, in terms of these sentences?
    You always go for your Gut-Instinct!
    You like to joke around -Trickster!
    Your wise - Wisdom.
  • 2
    What do you think you look like, in the eyes of other people?
  • 3
    Do you easily trust people?
    I trust people easily - the more people I can trust the better!
    They'll have to meet my expectations, it WILL take a while.
    I kinda do...
  • 4
    Do you enjoy company, (friends and family!)
    Company - yep all good but I can't really put my full trust on them.
    I'm independent - but company's good!
    I can't stay without it - jokes + friends, for me, = HAPPINESS!
  • 5
    Do you depend on your gut instinct?
    No - I need to think before I act!
    The only thing that leads me to victory!
    Might as well if I have no choice?
  • 6
    Out of these traits, what do you think you have?
    Adaptable, a jokester and creative.
    Fitness, strength, awareness and the need to be free.
    Calm, collected, adventurous and wise.
  • 7
    Well... are you lucky?
  • 8
    ...Ugh... don't wanna type... sooooo - how's life?
    Successful and harmonious!
    Obviously not magical, but life's unexpected so... yeah.
    All good, with friends and etc. but I don't really use my head lots, nowadays.
  • 9
    Back to typing....
    Where are you in terms of, 'dark' and 'light' kinds of stuff. (Not weight - but like eeevillll maaaagess, and oh-so, boring, but beeautiifulll heaaliiing magggess!)
    I'm going to say - that I'm with the healing light stuff... I'm not to keen with dark stuff.
    I not really with either - as long as none affects my life and friend/family's life.
    In the middle - don't really mind... ya'know.
  • 10
    What's your favourite quote, thingy out of these?
    Simile, don't think too hard, and lighten up a bit!
    If I'm pushed down - I'll always find my way back up.
    Work with instinct - get your freedom!
  • 11
    Who are you?
    I'm a flexible, colourful ball!
    I'm a ball of energy!
    I'm a wise but playful (young... or maybe mature/old) one!
  • 12
    What would you rather do?
    Be outside with my friends!
    Help others to calm and lighten up.
    Exploring my inner and true self.
  • 13
    Did you enjoy this boring quiz?
    ... I'm okay with it - quite good.
    Yep - all good and dandy!
    Come on I was expecting better! (Joking)
  • 14
    What did you think your spirit animal would be?
    Crocodile (which sorry to disappoint you isn't here!)
  • 15
    Final question - finally!
    Why did you take this test?
    I wanted to see who and what I was... DUHHH!
    To seek for my inner-self.
    To see if I am right with my supposed spirit animal.

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