What type of "dere" are you?

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This quiz is only for 4 of the "dere" types.
Tsundere, Yandere, Kuudere, and Dandere.

  • 1
    Do you like anyone or have a crush?
    Do you like anyone or have a crush?
  • 2
    What's your favorite part of school?
  • 3
    What's your favorite food?
  • 4
    Favorite color?
    (I know this is asked a lot but it does count here.)
  • 5
    What would be your ideal first date?
  • 6
    If you could be friends with any of these anime characters, who would you choose?
  • 7
    Which of these are you most likely to say?
  • 8
    Your crush just asked you out! What do you say!
  • 9
    What color is your hair?
  • 10
    If someone called you stupid, what would you do?
  • 11
    (Will not affect your score)
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Comments (28)


Hanabi (85399)
4 days ago
Yay, I'm a Kuudere. And I actually am in real life. I'm very phlegmatic and chill with anything. I also act very soft with my crush, actually.
Ariel (98717)
30 days ago
Am ı yandere? Oh no Its not true.
shinydiscolight (23931)
76 days ago
i'm ALWAYS either a Dandere or a Deredere.
(But I usually get Dandere.
I got Dandere on this Quiz I haven't Tried Before.
Out of all the 4 Quizzes i did i got Dandere 3 times and Deredere Once.)
Reply if You Actually think i'm a Dandere!
Also Reply If You Also Got Dandere or Deredere!
india (36168)
92 days ago
it was the fan ..... my result was kuudere
I have done some dere test and I Alwis kuudere or dandere so I am between kuudere and dandere
Narumi (67301)
97 days ago
I've tried a bunch of "dere" test and I realized I'm in between kuudere and yandere 😧
Yanchan (42770)
109 days ago
I am a yandere! Better stay away from my Senpai! Or else 😈
Shypositivegirl (42770)
109 days ago
It said that I am a tsundere.....so true, I am a tsundere
Jhyun (50516)
132 days ago
OMG! I am kuudere but i acts cool sometime and not many time
Dolene (09410)
158 days ago
I got dandere..sounds like me but this quiz is missing a lot of dere types. So please someone make a quizs with all the dere types in it.
Issy (69113)
164 days ago
lol i got yandere HEHEHEHE :)
Melanie (52252)
208 days ago
I got Kuudere, but in real life I'm a tsundere
Noxious (92464)
248 days ago
dandere huh.. its fit me
Yan master max (47285)
275 days ago
Yan for yandere.suits me perfectly HEHEHE >:)
Yan master max (47285)
275 days ago
I always get Y-A-N-D-E-R-E... My motto is kill or be killed.HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEEH
Nata (44613)
297 days ago
Jesslyn (46647)
341 days ago
Yandere~~~hihi!!Don't ever lay your fingers on my senpai will you?Or you will never see daylight again~~ Isn't it a fuunn thing to do??
New guy (47986)
357 days ago
I've took so many tests like this and all the results I get are in Kundere and dandere
I thought I'd be a tsundere
Sweet Angelina (40882)
450 days ago
got a Tsundere no please i am not a TSUNDERE
Sweet Angelina (40882)
450 days ago
Um okay i am not a Yandere and i am pretty sure that i answered everything that is DereDere
Gabby Chan (64209)
583 days ago
I answered all the questions as a Yandere but I got Kuudere >:( I am not a Kuudere! though I might be. (I`m a Kuudere on weekends)