What Lost Character are You?

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20 Questions - Developed by: Roan asherdenferd - Developed on: - 4.330 taken

Find out what character from Lost you are!

  • 1
    Your plane crashes on an Island and you are fine, but others around you are injured, drowning, and dead. What do you do?
    Walk around.
    Try to calm others down.
    Try to help and comfort those who are in danger.
    Act Confused.
  • 2
    Your foot is broken and no one is around. What do you do?
    Wait for others to come to help you.
    Wait and talk to yourself.
    Scream in pain.
    Scream for help.
    Try to see what you can do to help it.
  • 3
    Your friend is missing from camp and you see drag marks into the jungle. What do you do?
    Tell others and go to find them.
    Tell someone.
    Just walk away.
    Go and find them yourself.
    Gather a team and go find them.
  • 4
    You find a hatch in the jungle and you cannot get it open. What do you do?
    Blow it up, duh.
    Bash it with a rock until you get bored.
    Bash it with a rock until it opens.
    Try to manually open it yourself.
    Go get help.
  • 5
    You find a man in the jungle that says he was also on the plane that crashed. What do you do?
    Hit him over the head with a rock.
    Run back to camp to tell others.
    Try to kill him.
    Interrogate him.
    Take him Prisoner and Interrogate him.
  • 6
    You find a plane perched on a cliff. What do you do?
    Just carry on.
    Climb up to it and inspect whether or not it is safe.
    Go get some people to do stuff that works.
    Get someone else to climb it for you.
    Inspect it from the ground.
  • 7
    You decide to build a raft. When it is done, who would you bring on it?
    Your friends.
    Your brother/sister.
    People who you think would be important assets on the raft.
    Just go by yourself.
    The most Skilled people at camp.
  • 8
    You see someone stealing food from someone else. What do you do?
    Ask them what they are doing.
    Snicker and say something witty.
    Just walk away.
    Call them out on it.
    Knock them to the ground.
  • 9
    You see a plane flying overhead. What do you do?
    Get others and try to signal it.
    Scream as loud as you can.
    Scream and do a dance.
    Try to signal it.
    Yell and flail your arms.
  • 10
    You find a weird man in a hatch that is holding your friend hostage. What do you do?
    Try to shoot him.
    Try to reason with him.
    Do some fancy moves and try to disarm him.
  • 11
    A boar is sitting peacefully in the jungle. What do you do?
    Walk away very slowly.
    Kill it.
    Try to throw a rock at it.
    Try to shoot it, but decide not to.
    Sneak up on it and shank it in the face.
  • 12
    A polar bear is chasing you through the jungle. What do you do?
    Try to kill it.
    Try to get it off your tail.
    Run as fast as you can.
    Run even faster than as fast as you can.
    Scream and cry.
  • 13
    You see someone crying in their tent. What do you do?
    Ask them what is bothering them.
    Make a nickname for them.
    Comfort them.
    Snicker and move on.
    Try to cheer them up.
  • 14
    You find a bunch of food, but you can only take one. What do you choose?
    Something that will last you a long time.
    Try to take two.
  • 15
    You find a gun in the forest. What do you do?
    Keep it, just in case.
    Tell your friend about it.
    Don't touch it.
    Stash it then assume Authority.
    Stash it away.
  • 16
    You see a coconut on a tree, and you want it. What do you do?
    Throw stuff at it until it falls.
    Climb the tree and then beat it with a stick.
    Climb the tree and get it.
    Get someone else to get it.
    Eww... No. I hate coconuts.
  • 17
    You find a weird Bunker in the forest. What do you do?
    Explore it yourself.
    Get someone else to explore it.
    Get a gun and explore it.
    Carry on.
    Explore it with a group.
  • 18
    You see a boat offshore. What do you do?
    Shout to it.
    Signal it in.
    Swim to it.
    Make a remark about Penguins.
    Shoot it.
  • 19
    You are captured by a group of people and put in a cage. What do you do?
    Ask them questions.
    Shout for help.
    Try to get food.
    Try to escape.
  • 20
    You are off the island and back to civilization. What do you do now?
    Try to go into hiding.
    Act like nothing happened.
    Go back to work.
    Cry for days and days.
    Tell people.

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