Does she love you?

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You can finally take a test about a girl. By a girl. Advantages? The results aren't something off of some cheap greeting card. You actually can find out if she seems of you at night, or hates you, or is on like. But you must be honest...

  • 1
    Does she try to make eye contact with you for a moment, then shy away?
    No. She ignores me. But ignoring can mean secret crushing...
    Yeah. What's with that?
    She looks directly at me. But she never cares...
  • 2
    Scenario: Have you ever been talking, and she looks kinda lost?
    Yeah. Why does she do that? She knows where she is...
    She stands with her hands in her pockets...
    Nope. She never has talked to me...
  • 3
    Does she swallow a lot when you talk to her?
    She does, but only during lunch.
    Yes. Is she sneaking snacks, or what? Help me!
    No. She never talks to me, so I don't quite know.
  • 4
    Does she ever scoot closer to you while smiling?
    No. Should she?
    No. But she smiles and goes back to what she's doing
    No. She DESPISES acknowledging that I am alive. But I still adore her...
  • 5
    Does she hold her hands behind her back when you two chat?
    No. She curls them into fists and punches me. I love her fiery spirit!
    Yes. What is she holding?
    No. Her hands are at her sides.
  • 6
    This one takes courage to do. Stop this quiz and hold her hand. What does she do?
    She looks away, but her cheeks turn pink.
    She proceeds to slap me
    She turns red. She kinda goes Jello on me and babbles for no good reason. Should I have called 911?
  • 7
    Almost there. Has she started to do stuff that you like, but know she isn't really a fan of?
    Yeah. I've seen her on the soccer field more than usual lately...
    No. She punches me, but I guess I like it. More quality time together!
    Yeah. She kicked the ball back to me and left.
  • 8
    Describe her with one word when she's around you
  • 9
    Does she work out? (Trust me here)
    Yes. She always says something like, "Nothing better than a day at the gym!"
    Yes. She enjoys physical fitness
    Yeah. Her fists are unusually hard lately.
  • 10
    Last one. Does she ever wave her tongue at you?
    No. That's just wrong
    No, usually her fists

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sallu ( 4.177 )
Posted 9 days ago
In 2008 suddenly i saw a cute girl when she was 14 of her age she also looking me, and then sometime i was came for her where i saw her but one or two time i aw her then came to know her resident home so i frequently visit out of her lane of home.she always come out and stare at me this matter ran till January 2016 during this period i made a friend live near her home, in 14th January 2016 i was stand with my made friend she talked to him about that;did not gone to terrace for flying kites ?when she comes i shy couldnt say anything i get nervous.right now she goes to job and comes near 8 pm but i never follow her i only awaiting for her at near her home when she come she stares me but when i look her she stares other direction.and 25 February 2016 i was with my friend she come to us with her parents and she talked with my friend i think it was pointing me what she told i dont remember. next day 26 February i was standing with my friend she was coming from job when she came near me she smile at me it was first time i got her smile but i could not talked with her or propose her i am afraid if she reject me what will be ?i am confused about it what can i do? right now she stares at me and when i look her she stares to other direction.please let me know what can i do and let me know is she loves me or not?
NAVEEN KUMAR ( 6.208 )
Posted 120 days ago
kun ( 10.88 )
Posted 152 days ago
i really love her....!!
Anonymous ( 6.143 )
Posted 156 days ago
[BEEP]... 70% ∆.∆ funny thing is... it's impossible for this to happen... I'm... A hacker... A hero....
Pratyush meher ( 88.62 )
Posted 196 days ago
This test has broad my sense of love
Max chauhan ( 31.46 )
Posted 199 days ago
Some questions are far from my reach because she don't talk to me.
value ( 26.15 )
Posted 201 days ago
I think she love to me,but she don't talk to me in straght
KASONDE ( 17.35 )
Posted 271 days ago
I Think She Loves Me
Newton Wisniewski ( 5.110 )
Posted 319 days ago
I Answered Some Questions But Some Are Not In My Reach Because She Never Does Em..