Do You Know King Boo?

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King Boo. You think you may know him, but do you?

  • 1
    What is King Boo's favorite food?
    Milk with a squirt of lemon....a huge squirt.
    Ghost Fluff
  • 2
    Which vehicle does King Boo like to drive?
    The Spear because it is very fast.
    Wario bike because of the high acceleration.
    He doesn't drive. He floats.
    The Shooting Star because of its high drift.
    Flame Flyer because it is very heavy.
  • 3
    King Boo is making a sharp turn which part of his body does he use to keep his balance?
    He doesn't use any.
    His arse
    His tail
    His tongue
    His eyeball
  • 4
    How does King Boo sound when he talks?
    Gettin on down with ma home boy Waluigi!
    Oogedly Boogedly
    He doesn't talk. He belches.
  • 5
    King Boo has gas. What does that mean?
    What the flying cow? It's an acronym that means Ghosts Are Spooky.
    He has a bomb on his arse.
    He has to fart.
    Ghosts get gas?
    He doesn't HAVE gas. He IS gas.
  • 6
    King Boo has teeth. Describe them.
    He wears dentures.
    He has no teeth.
    He has one big tooth that sticks down the middle of his mouth.
    He has two fangs and two smaller teeth all pointy sharp.
    He has an entire mouth of normal teeth.
  • 7
    Did King Boo ever have a tail?
    Yes, and it was swirly like a pig's tail.
    Yes, he did.
    No, he did not.
    No, he has no tail at all.
    Yes, but it was just a tiny one.
  • 8
    Is King Boo a sharing Boo?
    What would a ghost share?
    No, he has nothing to share.
    Yes, he shares boonanas.
    No, he keeps everything to himself.
    Yes, I often shares many "presents" all over the place while passing through.
  • 9
    King Boo just lost. How does he react?
    He spits out fiery flame balls to destroy the winner.
    Nothing. He just takes it in good stride.
    He gets extremely big and rolls over everyone until they are pancakes.
    He covers his face and cries.
    He farts.
  • 10
    What is another name for King Boo?
    King Ghost
    King Shit
    King Spooky Arse
    King Teresa
    King Gasly
  • 11
    King Boo is sharing all over the road today. What are those things that he is sharing called?
    Geist Turds
    Oil spills

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