Captain America 1 & 2 Personality Quiz

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Ever wondered who you're most similar to in the Captain America movies? Bucky? Peggy? Falcon? Or maybe the big red-white-blue man himself? Here is your chance to find out!

  • 1
    You're in a parking lot when an armed man walks up and demands your wallet. What do you do?
    Toss it over then hit him in a place where he won't forget
    Throw the wallet as far from me as possible and take off
    Take out my gun and shoot
    Bluff that you have friends nearby and he should get out while he still can
    I wouldn't have been there alone, so I'd have backup
  • 2
    How good are you?
    Good. Fine. How are you?
    I feel like I could be a pretty bad person. Does that count?
    I'm bad but not BAD, y'know?
    I'm good but with a dangerous twist you shouldn't mess with
    My friends call me a goodie, but I think I'm pretty average
  • 3
    You're given a total of one wish. What is it?
    To feel fulfilled
    To be loved
    That the one I love would be protected
    That I could forget the past
    To find myself
  • 4
    Where would you want to go for vacation?
    The world
    No thanks!
  • 5
    Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
    I like to think of myself as a rebel
    Not sure
    I can be either depending on the situation
  • 6
    How popular are you?
    I have a handful of trusted friends
    I love people but I don't think they enjoy me too much
    I always have somebody on hand
    Not. At all.
  • 7
    Are you a serious person?
    Not usually, but I can turn it on when need be
    HA NO!
    Yes, but my sense of humor's intact
    I am on the inside, but outwardly no
  • 8
    What do you do when you're alone?
    Talk to myself
    Think about you know who
  • 9
    What are you looking for in a mate?
    Someone attractive, real, and funny
    I'm not looking
    Someone who will be strong when I can't
    Someone sensitive and affectionate
    Someone who will love me for my personality but make me feel attractive
  • 10
    How are you with temptation?
    Horrible. I always give in.
    I'm beyond that
    I usually give in, but regret it later
    I have my good times and my bad
    It's hard, but I am able to overcome it

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Average Joe ( 06956 )
Posted 338 days ago
Obsession ain't healthy son.
anand singh ( 58246 )
Posted 355 days ago
i m the no. 1 fan of cap
Buck fan ( 47347 )
Posted 466 days ago
I've been obsessed with Sebastian Stan lately and it's hard to open up to my family who think of me as a tomboy that would never in a million years have a celebrity crush, but ya know, whatever. It's probably pretty 💗 that I'm venting on a test site comment section, but it does the trick. I feel pretty fine after. Thanks for reading.