What kind of Spy are You?

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Ever wondered what you would be like as a spy? Do this Quiz and find out!

  • 1
    The criminal is in his lair counting the goods. There are three possible exits and no way for you to cover them all. You:
    Valiantly rush in and attempt to catch him.
    Hide in a nearby trash can and wait for him to leave.
    Throw away your badge and head for the snack machine down the street. You're hungry.
    Sit on the nearest bench and make paper airplanes out of newspaper.
    Wait patiently for him in a well positioned spot.
  • 2
    You discover the culprits red handed, but you are outnumbered seven to one. You:
    Keep an eye on the savages and call in for backup.
    Dash in Indiana Jones style and attempt to beat them all up.
    Head for home. You'll be lucky if you make it back in time for your favorite TV show.
    Put on a fake mustache and pretend to be a salesman.
    Run. Forget this, you want to live!
  • 3
    You've been caught. You're covered in chains and weights waiting to be thrown to the bottom of the ocean. You:
    Cry, whine and scream like a little girl.
    Try and stall while you wait for backup.
    Thrash around in an attempt to escape.
    Tell them jokes to make them laugh and change their minds.
    Grumble at them. The chains are too tight, this isn't comfortable.
  • 4
    The Criminal hid a bomb somewhere in the city and threatens to set it off if you follow them. You:
    Get as far away from that city as you can. Bombs are scary!
    Evacuate and call in the bomb squad to locate the bomb.
    Throw clown noses at them continuously.
    Shrug and walk away. It looks like it's going to rain and you forgot your umbrella.
    Tackle them to the ground. If you're going down, they're coming with you!
  • 5
    You're being held captive by the criminals and have information they need. They'll stop at nothing to get it. You:
    Try and touch your nose with your tongue.
    Keep your mouth closed and refuse to reveal classified information.
    Think up a brilliant escape plan so you can beat them up and bring them in.
    Ask them if they have any skittles. You've got the munchies.
  • 6
    You're tailing someone. They suspect and try and lose you, putting civilians in danger. You:
    Pull over to a safe spot. You could get in an accident!
    Try and nail Jell-o to a tree.
    Get annoyed at their resistance and decide to abort the mission.
    Put the pedal to the metal, put it in auto drive and jump onto their car.
    Take a shortcut and cut them off.
  • 7
    The suspect is on the run. They cross a high bridge, but you're afraid of heights. You:
    Make a giant gummy bear and use it as a trampoline.
    Get dizzy at the thought of it and run away.
    Put your fears behind you and continue the chase.
    Run across in spite of yourself, do a jump kick and tackle them to the ground.
    Take a nap. You've been tailing them forever and now you're tired.
  • 8
    The culprit knows you're onto them and takes a hostage. You:
    Give up. They've obviously won, now you're going to get a milkshake.
    Chew lots of bubble gum and trap them in the sticky sweetness.
    Try and talk them into letting the hostage go and have your team on standby.
    Back away slowly, then start running for the door.
    Crawl into the vent system and attack from the ceiling. They'll never see you coming.
  • 9
    You need to get inside the suspect's building for some information, but there's guards everywhere. You:
    Tickle the guards until they fall over.
    Listen to music until they leave. It would be too troublesome for you to try and get in with them there.
    Tactfully make a plan and sneak in after nightfall.
    Charge in and try and overpower them with brute force.
    Retreat! They look vicious.. You're getting out of here!
  • 10
    Your boss calls you to his office. You:
    Head up to his office promptly. You don't know what he wants you for, but he's the boss.
    Decide not to go. His office is on the third floor and the elevator is out of business.
    Start shaking in your boots and fail to make it up the stairs.
    Suspect he's going to praise you for your heroics.
    Make lots balloons so you can fly up to his window.

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