Am I Pretty?

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Are you pretty? What do other people think of your looks? Take this quiz to find out & receive an assessment AND advice!

  • 1
    How pretty would you say you are? Please answer all questions honestly for an accurate assessment! (i.e. do not say "ugly" to be modest, or "pretty" to impress).
  • 2
    What do other people say (Yes, verbally) to you regarding your looks?
  • 3
    What is your most prominent facial feature? If you do not really have one, choose the one you either notice most or get the most comments on.
  • 4
    Do your best to describe your hair based on these options. Just choose the closest one to your specific hair type.
  • 5
    Describe your skin. Remember to be honest.
  • 6
    How are your teeth? (didn't think I was gonna go there, did you?)
  • 7
    What is your body type? Note that each body is beautiful and none are more health or unhealthy than others in this case. Love yourselves ladies.
  • 8
    How do you dress? (on most days. I mean come on, we all have lazy days. ;) )
  • 9
    How often do you shower?
  • 10
    A word to describe yourself: BE THE MOST HONEST YOU HAVE BEEN SO FAR!:)

Comments (102)


Some dude (60636)
2 days ago
I was called pretty by a total stranger
Haylie (89268)
4 days ago
You are just saying this to make us feel better! I don't want the "your beautiful just the way you are" even if it's what you WANT me to hear, I want to hear what I NEED to hear! ugh!
teresa (36385)
5 days ago
Of course I know that I am very beautiful. Thank you very much. I ever dream to become a model, so what do you expect??? Thank anyway!
Vanessa (23117)
13 days ago
You are Beautiful.
Oh my Gosh you’re pretty. As if that’s a surprise. You know how to take care of yourself and that’s important... I Guess. What is really important are the questions you answered knowing the fact you might get a lower score. I hope you know that you are beautiful, and that it wasn’t necessary to Google “a.m. I pretty” in the first place. That’s how I got making this quiz. Apparently I’m the ugliest duckling ever. I think you should worry less and live in the moment.
Love yourself, beautiful.
ALL of the body type questions counted exactly the same.

Take this quiz: Am I Pretty?

Reply: best quiz Eva! I love the positivity put into these types of quizzes, the fact that they even told you to love yourself is amazing!
Anon (76146)
20 days ago
This person who made this is so sweet❤️ I just love this quiz. I took it with answers honest to myself and then I took it again with answers that people who are in a really bad mind space may put and uggghhhhhh the response was beautiful😩 I just want to let the person who made this know that they are truly beautiful and helped me out a lot tonight. Thank you!! XOXO
Saanna ealy (40225)
23 days ago
I got beautiful I'm an average size and pretty just the way I am
Eli (79077)
25 days ago
I got pretty
But i think im ugly
I dont have pimples
I have wavy hair
Really long and curly eyelashes. ( Its not fake)
I dont like myself
But i do love sports🤤😝
nicolia (84666)
36 days ago
is this some kind of a joke !!!!!! i mean even if the ugliest person took this quiz they would be considered beautiful
Oh please ^~^

BTW this was just a joke i kno if you are reading this rite now you are like what the hell dude?! Everyone is beautiful inside / out / both either way evrybdy is beautiful in the own way



nicolia (84666)
36 days ago
i got beautiful ^¿^
although i dont get it some of the people i cal my "friends" say i am not beautiful ^_^
but anyways i kno i am beautiful coz some of the guyz say so ...... oh ! and people in my family ALSO say i'm beautiful

Katie (52355)
61 days ago
*KIND of the funny one
*MY group of friends
Katie (52355)
61 days ago
Ik this may sound weird too but could someone... rate me? I already know everyone is beautiful, it's a test bc I want to see what ppl think just by hearing a description so don't judge!!
Brown eyes
14 years old
Dark wavy/curly brown hair
Smooth caramel skin
Big eyes and RLY long eyelashes
Average height (5,2)
Personality: I'm kindness of the funny one I'd say in MTV group of friends and the crazy creative one. Thx for helping me with this little experiment guys!!! ❤️
Katie (52355)
61 days ago
Hey me!! Yes ur gorgeous 😊 Inside and out!
beautiful girl xx (47080)
69 days ago
OMG I got beautiful xxxxx
me (90197)
75 days ago
hey um so just wondering am i at all pretty
I have medium wavy auburn-brown hair
Hazel eyes
fairly slim, my friends say so anyway
no freckles
a few spots
long face
prominent eyebrows
butt chin lol
Mimi (90444)
99 days ago
I got beautifulll!:D
Hyped Bumblebee (96102)
103 days ago
I'm sometimes underweight, sometimes average and I have the epic ability to eat as much as I want without gaining a single kilogram or looking any fatter. I have brown-black-reddy hair and it's so thick and my mom complains about how much of my hair she has to dry :) My eyes are just brown. Nothing special. I got a very good score and I never knew I was pretty, I always thought I was pretty ugly because my skin is quite dry from eczema and allergies. I'm happy.
gretch (00762)
105 days ago
@softball_lover13 you sound so cute tbh :) be confident! I'm 14 and you sound exactly like one of my best friends, who gets comments wherever she goes about how gorgeous she is ;)
softball_lover13 (43992)
111 days ago
okay im 120lb and 5'5 1/2. im 13 by the way. i have short straberry blonde hair and loads of freckles. i have class and some pimples hear and there. you guys can say it. im UGLY i know [sigh]
Emso (56662)
117 days ago
Only one person has ever said that I look pretty. My mum.
random gal (36004)
119 days ago
I know I'm overweight, I mean, an 11 year old whose 98 lbs