Is he into you?

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Sometimes we can't tell if a guy is actually interested. I'm here to help you figure it out!

  • 1
    When you walk past him in the hall, in town, at a store, etc. does he...
    Give you the "what's going on" nod
    Pretend he doesn't see you when you know he does
    Say "hey"
    Smile at you
    Make eye contact with you and say nothing
  • 2
    When he texts, IMs, chats, etc., you, he...
    Asks you to hang out
    Says "hey what's up"
    Asks what the homework is
    He doesn't try to talk to me
    Asks you what you're doing this upcoming weekend
  • 3
    When he's walking with his friends and he sees you, he...
    Says hey and keeps walking with his friends
    Says hey and leaves his friends to talk to you
    Looks at you and says nothing
    Doesn't even look at you
  • 4
    When you see him you...
    Get butterflies
    Don't feel anything
    Go up to him and start a conversation
    Fight the urge to say something
  • 5
    Is there an equal effort between the two of you when you have a conversation?
    No, he talks more than I do
    Yes there's an equal effort
    No, I talk more that he does
    I guess so
  • 6
    When you are having a conversation he...
    Looks away from you
    Checks his phone
    Moves around a lot (is fidgety)
    Tries to keep the conversation flowy
    Makes an effort to keep the conversation going for a while
  • 7
    When you're around him, can you tell if he gets nervous?
    Maybe a little
    Sort of
    Absolutely not
  • 8
    Is he experienced in the relationship area of his life?
    Hes had a few girlfriends, but no serious ones
    A little
    Hes had a few girlfriends, but not that many
  • 9
    Can you see yourself dating him?
    I don't really know
    Of course
    Not really, but kinda
  • 10
    When/if you ask him for help with something (homework, studying, work, etc.) he...
    Offers before you even ask
    Says yes
    Says yes and then offers to help you whenever you need it again
    Straight up says no
    Makes up an excuse for why he can't...every time!

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