Does he like you? (Middle/Highschool Quiz)

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Well, does you're crush (or enemy) like you? Find out by taking this simple, accurate quiz!

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    Are you friends?

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Vannolia (62134)
He likes me quite a bit😥 💔Manoli if you read this, i love you💗
Me (83518)
7 days ago
The results say he likes me quite a bit I’m happy
Emberlynn (40223)
11 days ago
My crush is already my boyfriend, lol. Long before I took this quiz.
I'm just kinda unsure, tho. I have v low self-esteem. :/
Ana (38830)
50 days ago
I wish my crush likes me truth is I don't know .
He's really cute a little popular which I'm not
I heard a girl asked him out not a big deal right TOTALLY IS 4 ME
tho I think he likes me a bit , he calls me like cute nicknames
And sometimes his friends come up to me . One of his friends
Liked me last year I'm 12 only when I had long hair I cut it this
Year.i would be totally heartbroken if I said he didn't like me
I always think about him I always wonder if he likes me
And here I am answering a test and telling u about this
Yes I'm truly in love WHAT DO U THINK?! give answer in
Comments . Say to Ana101 then i would know who ur talking to
Hunter.collins (62103)
76 days ago
We have the friends is this test for girls
Xiomara (75120)
91 days ago
Yesterday i was waiting for my friends and i noticed he was on my right we werent that far apart but he wasnt right next to me and idk what i was doing but the he came to where i was and he was smiling and laughing a little and hes taller than me so i was looking up at him and he looked so cute but i was getting slightly annoyed because i thought he was laughing at my height so i was like what?? And i was holding my art project it was rolled up and he took it from me but then one of my friends came and i was like no give it and he was opening it and i was trying to take it from him and he was like what cant i see it? And i was like no its my art project and i didnt want to show it cuz i didnt rly liked it but then my bestfriend and his friend ms showed up so i didnt see him after that but like idk what du u guys think ??
And like tge thing is that his going to homecoming with my bestfriend "as friends" because my friend already has a boyfriend and he knows that but i dont know and im going with this other guy but i dont actually like him but im going with him cuz i wanna have a date.
And also my bestfriend and him used to date but like they broke up almost a year ago and i didnt really talk to him back then but then we started getting closer and yea like i dont know?
Advise? Thought?
Ana (57100)
92 days ago
He sits next to me in four classes walked me to class. But didn't say much. He has beutiful blue eyes. And he often tryes to look at mine. Does he like me?
Kate (41687)
96 days ago
What kind of school do you go to Lora?
Lora (42567)
116 days ago
We are in same class but our school never let boys n girls talk.So he know me as I know him.
Erynn (69065)
348 days ago
This quiz is amazing!
Alyssa (32860)
513 days ago
This was a great quiz! This is probably the most thorough one I have done and it asked questions that most other quizzes don't, with the questions that you would already have answered if you thought he liked pretty happy with the results that he likes me quite a lot....lets hope they are true! :)
Hopeful girl (15340)
514 days ago
I will flip if this says my crush doesn't like me! 😍