Dream Story Quiz

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10 Questions - Developed by: Rebecca R. - Developed on: - 9.531 taken

Find out how you would survive in this dream scenario.

  • 1
    You fall asleep reading a fantasy book, you wake up to find yourself inside the book. What do you do?
    Try to remember how the book ends.
  • 2
    It's dark out but you hear a strange whistling noise like a bell. What do you do?
    Charge....( the other way)...: D
    If it sounds so pretty it must be good. Try to follow it.
    Back away slowly
  • 3
    You stumble upon a cave. You heard the whistle noise stop. You hear twigs snapping. What do you do?
    Um... peer into cave then walk in calmly
    Look into the darkness of the cave and compare. then run in
    Cave! I go into the Cave!
  • 4
    You see a little light in the tunnel / cave.
    You look around the corner and see 3 giant Trolls.
    They have a treasure chest behind them on the other side of the cave. What next?
    Battle each of them, steal the treasure, and run away giggling.
    Ask them if I can take their money and food? Nicely
    Sneak around them take some treasure and hide.
  • 5
    One of the Trolls spot you.
    They pick you up and stare at you.
    What do you do?
    Try to communicate with them
    Kick, punch, and fight! after all it's life or lunch.
    Call them names and spit at them
  • 6
    They throw you out of the cave. Apparently they think you are too small. You turn around to see an Elf pointing his bow at you. What do you do?
    Um.. faint.
    (gulp) hey how's it going?
    Ask if he knows the way out of this book.
  • 7
    He apparently can't speak English. He takes you to a silver-wooded forest. He tells the king of the elves that you are a spy. What do you do?
    Ask about how to get out of this book.
    Tell him I'm lost and not a spy.
    No comment
  • 8
    He nods. He flicks his fingers and two guards come out. They drag you back to where you first were. They hear the bell thing and run away what do you do?
    Run with them!
    Stay still as a stone.
    Walk towards where the noise is.
  • 9
    A silver Pixie comes out of the bushes.
    She hits you in the face with her wand unless you ran away on question 8. You fall asleep. What are you thinking?
    Great the elves are trying to sacrifice me to this stupid pixie!
    There is no place like home, No place like home, No place like....
    HA HA SUCKERS I ran!
  • 10
    You wake up in your bed with the closed book in your hands If you got hit by the pixie. If not you are in the book still.
    Awwww I wanted to stay longer
    ......( no comments).......
    Ha Ha Ha I'm alive.

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