Are You a Gentleman?

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A quiz for men, to determine whether or not you’re a gentleman! There are four possible conclusions, and of course, the results are just based on my own ideal of what a gentleman is.

  • 1
    Are you okay with sexist jokes?
    No, I'm not okay with sexist jokes of any kind. I don't think talking s--- about whole groups of people is funny
    Yeah, I'm okay with all kinds of controversial jokes. If a person is offended by a joke, then that's his/her problem
    Jokes about females are funny, but I don't like it when people portray men as "bumbling idiots"
    I make jokes about how dumb/inferior men are, but I don't make fun of women. Jokes against women are sexist and offensive
  • 2
    Do you hold the door for somebody if he/she is right behind you?
    I’ll hold the door open for a woman; probably not for a guy, though
    I probably wouldn’t turn around to check if there’s someone behind me in the first place
    Yeah, I hold the door open if the person’s right behind me
    I’ll usually hold the door open, but if it’s a woman I’ll drop the door in her face. She gets enough people holding doors for her
  • 3
    Would you hold the door open if the person is heading for the door, but is a bit farther behind you (e.g. 15 feet)?
    If it’s a woman, I’ll wait for her. Otherwise, a man can get the door himself
    Yeah, I’ll hold the door until he/she gets to it
    Maybe if it’s a guy. I won’t hold the door for a woman, though. They always have people holding doors for them and such
    No; they can open the door themselves when they get to it. I’m not going to stand there waiting for them
  • 4
    A person slaps you in the face. It hurts, but it’s harmless and he/she’s doesn’t continue to assault you
    I may not punch a man for slapping me, but if a woman slaps me, she’ll get her ass laid out. Women always think it’s okay to just hit people with no repercussion
    If a man slaps me, I’ll punch him out; but I don’t believe in hitting women regardless
    I hit the person back, maybe even harder than I was hit. I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman; they’ll learn not to put their hands on me…
    I won’t hit the person back, even if it is a man. It’s just a slap, and hitting him/her back won’t be “self-defense,” it will just escalate the situation
  • 5
    Do you fart in public?
    I’ll fart around other men, but not if there’s a lady nearby
    Not usually because it’s gross, but I may fart near a woman just to spite her
    No, that’s gross; only in the bathroom or in private
    Yeah, and I don’t care who’s around to smell it
  • 6
    Do you curse in public?
    I don’t curse around women, but I don’t mind cursing around men
    No, I don’t curse loudly in public at all
    Sure, I do. So long the people I’m around are adults, their gender doesn’t matter
    I feel it might be offensive/disrespectful to curse around a man, but I don’t care about offending women
  • 7
    You see someone being hit and battered by who appears to be his/her significant other
    I’ll help a man being attacked by a woman, because if I don’t, no one else will. I won’t help a woman though; some other guy will probably help her
    I’ll intervene if a man is hitting a woman. I won’t stop a woman hitting a man, but I may intervene if he tries to defend himself from her
    I’ll intervene and help the person being battered regardless of the gender of the assailant or the victim
    Whatever, it’s not my problem. They can work it out, and if it gets too bad he/she can leave
  • 8
    You see someone on the side of the road who looks like he/she is having car problems and needs help
    Sucks to be them, but I’m not stopping
    I’ll stop and help if it’s a woman who needs help. A man should be able to take care of his own car problems, and if he can’t then that’s his failure
    I might stop if it’s a man who needs help, but if it’s a woman I’ll drive by. Someone else will probably help her
    I’ll stop and see if I can help him/her, or at least let him/her use my phone
  • 9
    You’re out to lunch with a friend who after the meal realizes he/she forgot his/her wallet
    I’ll pay for a woman’s meal, but if it’s a guy friend I won’t pay, or he’ll have to pay me back ASAP
    I’m not paying for a woman, because they always expect free meals. I’ll pay for a male-friend, since this is probably just a one-time mistake for him
    I’ll pay for the meal, it’s no big deal. He/she doesn’t have to pay me back, either; it’s just this one time
    Well, I’m not paying [OR] I’ll pay so we can get out of here, but he/she’s paying me back as soon as we get his/her wallet; I’m not a charity
  • 10
    “Call a jack a jack, call a spade a spade, but always call a whore a lady. Their lives are hard enough and it never hurts to be polite.” Do you agree?
    No, call a whore a whore, too. Everyone’s had hard lives; tough luck. It doesn’t mean you automatically deserve respect for your hardships
    No: be polite to everyone, not just…the “whores”. I’ll call a whore a lady and a jack a gentleman
    Yes, exactly. Men should be called out for their bullshit, but women have it hard enough as it is and don’t deserve to be shamed
    No; generally men have earned more respect than women and gone through worse than women. I’ll call a whore a whore but I’ll be respectful towards men unless they prove unworthy

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