Final Destination deaths

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Let's see how well you know the brutal deaths of these people.

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    How did Todd Wagner die?
    Choked to death in his bathroom
    Crushed by glass pane
    Stabbed by a screwdriver
    Crushed by garage door
    Todd was skipped
  • 2
    How did Kimberly and Officer Burke die?
    They died with Eugene and Clear in the hospital explosion
    They rebuilt Flight 180 and it exploded when they were on it.
    Hacked to bits by malfunctioning wood-chipper
    They were crossing the street and got hit by a speeding car.
  • 3
    Why did Molly die?
    She died off-screen in Sam's premonition.
    Because of her connection to Sam.
    Because she just so happened to be unlucky and get on Flight 180.
    Peter was supposed to kill her but Sam killed Peter, so he unknowingly put her on Death's list.
  • 4
    Carter was skipped at the train tracks, but Death wasn't done with him. How did Death eventually kill Carter
    After he saved Alex from the sign, it exploded and killed him
    He was hit by a bus
    He was hit by a theater sign
  • 5
    Why did Nathan die at the time that he did?
    Nathan never died. He left the bar before Flight 180 wheel could crush him.
    He was supposed to die a day earlier but he got skipped, so Death killed him the next day after killing Sam and Molly first.
    Roy was supposed to be on Flight 180
    He stole Roy's life, but he had an blood vessel that was about to burst, so the was supposed to be dead any day now. So that meant, thanks to Death's rules, Nathan could die any day now.
  • 6
    Why did Perry die?
    The pole was supposed to kill Julie, but she stood up so the pole hit her instead
    Death just felt like killing someone that wasn't in the design.
    Something was supposed to kill her earlier but she was saved so she was put on Death's list.
    Because she was next to Julie on the rollercoaster.
  • 7
    How did Molly and Sam end up on Flight 180?
    It wasn't the real Flight 180.
    Final Destination 5 was set before Final Destination 1.
    They rebuilt Flight 180 but it exploded again.
    They time traveled to the time of Flight 180.
  • 8
    How did Nora and Tim die in Kimberly's premonition?
    Tim dropped a water bottle so Nora couldn't hit the brakes and they crashed and exploded.
    They weren't in the premonition.
    They got out of their car and got hit by a truck.
    A log fell on top of their car and crushed them.
  • 9
    What did Evan Lewis say a lot of times before he died?
    "I'm not dying."
    He didn't say anything that much.
    "Jesus Christ!"
  • 10
    What was the order of deaths in Final Destination 5?
    Sam, Peter, Nathan, Molly, Olivia, Candice, Roy, Dennis, Isaac
    Candice, Roy, Dennis, Sam, Molly, Isaac, Nathan, Olivia, Peter
    Candice, Isaac, Olivia, Roy, Dennis, Peter, Molly, Sam, Nathan

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travis ( 95.36 )
Posted 299 days ago
Kimberly and officer Burke didn't die