Final Destination Premonitons

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What started these movies?

  • 1
    What was the name of the plane in Final Destination 1?
    Flight 654
    Flight 180
    Flight 666
    Flight 260
  • 2
    How did Janet and Hunt die in Nick's premonition?
    Crushed by flying wheel
    Crushed by falling rubble
    Crushed by a car
    They were in Car 6
    They didn't die in the premonition
  • 3
    Was Isabella Hudson supposed to die?
    Yes, but she was pregnant so she was forever skipped and everyone else died.
    Yes, but Death forgot about her.
    Nope, that's why her baby didn't change Death's design.
    Yes, she died in the explosion with Brian.
  • 4
    Why did the rollercoaster crash in Final Destination 3?
    It crashed by itself.
    Frankie's camera. Well it was already gonna crash, but Frankie's camera just made it worse so it crashed faster.
    The controls malfunctioned.
  • 5
    Who had the premonition in Final Destination 2?
    Officer Burke
  • 6
    How many premonitions did Wendy have?
    Just one.
  • 7
    Did Molly die in Sam's premonition?
    Yes, but she died off-screen.
    Nope, but Death killed her anyway.
    Yes, look closely while Sam is dying.
    Nope, but later on in the movie she is accidentally put on Death's list.
  • 8
    Was Roy in the premonition in Final Destination 5?
    Yes, but he was in the background.
    Nope, but Nathan accidentally kills him.
    Nope, but he was annoying so Death kill him.
  • 9
    Before Sam killed him, Peter was supposed to kill someone and die a different way. Who was he supposed to kill and how was he originally gonna die?
    He wasn't supposed to kill anyone and ends up with Sam and Molly on Flight 180.
    He was supposed to kill the remaining survivors and live till Final Destination 4 and die the same way Nick, Lori, and Janet die.
    He was supposed to kill Sam and Molly, and only he was supposed to die on Flight 180.
    He was supposed to kill Molly, and he was supposed to die on Flight 180 with Sam.
  • 10
    There is a connection between Olivia's actual death and her premonition death. What is it?
    In both her deaths, she had a teddy bear.
    There is no connection.
    In the premonition a car fell on her. In her actual death, she fell on a car.
    In both her deaths (premonition and actual one) she lost her eye.

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