Does She Like Me? ( ACCURATE )

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Ever wonder if a girl like you back? Thinking all night long who she likes?

  • 1
    Do you ever caught her staring at you?
  • 2
    Are you Friends with her siblings/cousins/friends?
  • 3
    Does she gives you nicknames?
  • 4
    Do you know her really well?
  • 5
    Is she Single?
  • 6
    Why do you like her?
  • 7
    Does she get shy around you?
  • 8
    Who always start the conversation?
  • 9
    Did someone ever told you that she like you?
  • 10
    Do you think she like you?

Comments (156)


Liam (60749)
3 days ago
Well... I got a fifty... is that bad?
Aidan (47298)
5 days ago
Jonah (12591)
11 days ago
There is a girl in my class. We're best friends and we talk everyday. She's naturally shy, but she acts just like herself to me. I'm still not sure if she does like me, but I want to tell her how I feel about her. Any advice anyone wanna give?
Mei (91300)
12 days ago
I'm girl to and I gree with mini Becky g because two years there is this guy liked me and back then I liked him but he never tell me but he talled me this year and it was to late because I'm in love with one of my classmates and my classmate is in love with and that guy who like me is just trying to ruin it for me and my classmate so please if you will be late and tell the girl you like after three or two years and she say sorry leave her a loane because your just hurting.
Mini Becky G (67047)
16 days ago
I'm a girl and i have some advice for all those boys out there. Just TELL her! I'm sure that she'll like you even more if you tell her. And if she doesn't? Then she's just a jerk. I'm sure that somewhere in the world there's a girl that will definitely like you. Maybe even LOVE you. So just TELL her your crush that you like her!
Person (52574)
26 days ago
I got a 50/50 chance...
Kayley (03351)
27 days ago
I am a loser I did this to see if I like him lolololol
Unjustly scooted tee (17860)
30 days ago
soo, this poor quiz is confused as me😅😓😓😓
Nikhil (47053)
34 days ago
She is going to marry me when i her if she loves me
James (71195)
36 days ago
Totally innacurate. She told me to f off
The Wavy (73604)
37 days ago
For India- You know who I am- I like you
Noah (54679)
40 days ago
So I have this crush and her name is Amanda and we've been best friends for 5 years and she liked me for awhile but I was too much of a coward to ask her out... she now doesn't like me because she's too busy chasing other guys and still doesn't realize that they just want her body and not her personality, my point here is guys who are reading this... don't make the same mistake I did. I was a coward and should have asked her out when I had the chance... take a risk... ask her
ayyeeeeman (43562)
51 days ago
sydfreak is ur name sydnee or Sydney (hoping it's my crush probably not ;-;)
Sydfreak9 (31326)
52 days ago
This test isn't very accurate. I took it as my crush who I like a ton, but it said I didn't like him and only thought he was friend material. Also, the grammar suggests it was made by a ten year old, which makes sense based on the results.
Mickeythegoat (73263)
61 days ago
I think this site can help me get this girl she really really pretty and i leave notes 📝 in her locker using a sercet name but now she know it's me bc of my big mouth 👄 friend Jordan
Alexis (09856)
68 days ago
Um for all the boys taking this, know that it is wrong. I took it as if i was the person who likes me, who i don't like back. It says that I like him a lot and that we should date. Don't trust things like this with your life.
Chris (03602)
69 days ago
I have a crush not sure if she likes me back ir not quiz didnt help she blushes when she says she doesnt like me any advice
Katie 💜 (52355)
78 days ago
Hey Sum1! Yes that is a good sign!!
Sum1 (41902)
79 days ago
A girl told me I have the prettiest blue eyes. Is that a good sign!
Issy (52626)
79 days ago
Hey unm this might sound weird to everyone who isn't this person so yeah.

Hey hunter if ur reading this it's issy and btw I like you. Alot. Like alot alot. I love your smile and the way you look at me. I honestly wish that I could talk to you more.