Neuro Psych 3

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  • 1
    Why the focus on the left hemisphere?
    The left brain is more dominant
    LH functions more localised, RH functions more distributed, RH damage causes more subtle deficits
    The left side controls more important daily tasks such as speaking
  • 2
    Damage to frontal secondary zone is called Broca’s aphasia. What effects come from having Brocas aphasia?
    When they speak it sound like a "word salad"
    Speech is disjointed, Word finding is difficult, Poor pronunciation
    Grammar comprehension affected, Word finding difficulties, Poor pronunciation
  • 3
    Damage to temporal secondary zone is called Wernicke’s aphasia. What damaged is caused to the person?
    Cannot speak fluently, Speech is all jumbled up (word salad), Find it hard to get words out
    L hem posterior (sensory) speech areas affected, both written and spoken comprehension affected, fluent-sounding speech, with lack of meaning (word salad)
    Trouble with fluent speaking, find it hard to write and speak fluently, word salad
  • 4
    Longstanding evidence for some (slight) gender differences in lateralisation. They are?
    Females > males: language, manual dexterity, perceptual speed, Males > females: maths, spatial processing
    Females > males: language comprehension, speed on tasks, thinking and doing, Males > Females: Maths problems, speaking fluently
    Female > Males: speaking fluently and articulately, Male > Females: Visual-spacial tests, Maths problems
  • 5
    The two hemispheres are connected by the?
    Occipital Lobe
    Corpus callosum
    Temprol Lobe
  • 6
    Information from the contralateral (different) side of the visual field crosses over at the?
    Optic chiasm
    Corpus Callosum
    Occipital Lobe
  • 7
    If optic chiasm intact, is it possible to direct visual information from one visual field to contra.

    L and R hemispheres can no longer share information
    True but L and R hemispheres can no longer share information
  • 8
    Anomia is...?
    Difficulty finding labels for things
    New non-words
    Errors in producing specific words
  • 9
    Paraphasias is....?
    Errors in producing specific words
    Difficulty finding labels for things
    Impaired understanding
  • 10
    Neologism is....?
    Difficulty finding labels for things
    Manipulation of geometrical patterns, puzzle assembly, tests of form, distance and spatial relationships
    Speech apraxia
    New non-words

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