Social Psychology 3

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  • 1
    Aggression is?
    Sometimes anger-based,
    The outcome of a complex process that involves multiple factors
    Behaviour (verbal or physical) intended to hurt someone, Hostile, Instrumental
  • 2
    Most industrialised countries have a serious problem with citizens engaging in acts of aggression

    Violent acts have overtaken communicable diseases as leading cause of death among young people
    50% True
  • 3
    So what causes aggression?
    Aggression is likely to be the outcome of a complex process that involves multiple factors.

    They are...?
    Norms and values, Biological factors, Thoughts and feelings
    Biological factors, Thoughts and feelings, Situational Ques
    Biological factors, Individual differences, Situational cues, Norms and values
  • 4
    Biological factors could be?
    Hormonal - Testosterone levels related to restlessness, irritability, low frustration tolerance, delinquency

    Age - Higher rates in adolescence and young adulthood

    Genetics - Aggressive behaviour is heritable like other traits
    50% True
  • 5
    The “Frustration-aggression” hypothesis is?
    Reduced cortical control; more activity in “primitive” brain areas
    More violence with denser population
    Aggression as response to blocked goal attainment, Focus on environmental trigger vs. dispositional drive
  • 6
    Catharsis is?
    Instrumentally effective
    A way of releasing pent-up emotions, and restoring stable level of functioning
    A Biological factor
    Rewarded by others
  • 7
    Violence can be learnt from TV?
    A little bit
  • 8
    Low self-esteem is not related to aggression?
    50% true
  • 9
    General aggression model is?
    Instrumental learning
    Individual variables (personality, genetics, attitudes, etc.) interact with situational variables (e.g., provocation, aggressive cues, etc.) to produce aggression.
    Aggressiveness might underlie a preference for violent TV or a third factor might underlie both
  • 10
    Narcissists and individuals with high (but unstable) self-esteem likely to react aggressively when positive self-view is threatened.
    50% True

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