Street Smart, Book Smart, Or Neither

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There will be five personal questions on your daily routine and ten questions made on what you'd do in situations. Take this quiz to find out if you're smart or just lackadaisical.

  • 1
    What grades do you get?
    Cs and Ds
    As and Bs. In the long run, good grades are worth it.
    It depends if I have time to do my homework or if I'm fighting dragons. Like a boss!
    All As all the time! My passion!
  • 2
    Have you ever gotten into a fight?
    Yes. I lost. I suck...
    Yes, and I won.
    Of course. I get beaten up everyday. Bullies.
    Nope. But I've imagined kickin' serious butt!
  • 3
    How do you mostly dress?
    I wear beaded cardigans and dress pants. Dress to impress!
    I don't really have a style. I'll wear whatever's clean.
    I wear jeans and a t shirt. Nothing fancy.
    I like to wear cool styles I pick up from thrift shops or things I make.
  • 4
    Would you wear headphones on a walk?
    I don't really listen to music or take many walks.
    Yes. I love my music!
    Are you nuts? I'd get mugged.
    Sometimes. Not much, though.
  • 5
    What do you see in people when you first meet them?
    I don't really like to meet new people . . . I stick with the same three friends
    I try to see the best in them, but I am careful around people I don't really know.
    I become their best friend and I imagine our good times we'll have together!
    I don't really know them, or who you're talking about. But I'm nice.
  • 6
    You're at a party and you have a bad feeling in your gut. What do you do?
    Tell your friends something feels eerie and to watch themselves.
    I ignore it. It's better to ignore things like that.
    Think about the possibilities and warn everyone in the party, using a microphone.
    I ignore it. Silly superstitions! Besides, I don't even go to parties . . .
  • 7
    Someone fishy comes into the party. How do you react?
    Watch them closely and avoid speaking to them.
    Ignore it. Weird people go to parties all the time.
    Hide in a corner. You don't like new people.
  • 8
    The person pulls out a gun. What do you do?
    Get all your friends out of there and take a shortcut home.
    Scream in your corner then run out and go home.
    Hustle out with some friends and get home.
    Try to fight them back, fail, and go home.
  • 9
    You're on the way back and you see muggers. They come over to you. How do you react?
    Cross your arms and give them attitude. Besides, there are more of us than there are of them.
    Be screwed. You're all alone. But you imagine ways to fight them and use your head.
    You and your friend give up your wallets to them and walk away so you don't get beat up. But you lose your life savings!
    Keep on walking and ignore them.
  • 10
    The muggers try to hurt you. What do you do?
    Ignore them and keep walking home.
    Start a fight and win it. Then, high-five your friends all the way home.
    Think of ways to win a fight, but none of it comes to fruition. You lose, you head home alone with your tail between your legs.
    Panic and try to beat them up, but fail. Like always.
  • 11
    You come home from the party and realize you totally forgot to study for a huge test tomorrow! What do you do?
    Have a giant study session with all your friends. Teams help always.
    Think "never mind. Of course I studied!", have a cup of tea, then go to bed.
    Study all night.
    Study for a few minutes, then give up, realizing you're screwed.
  • 12
    Test now! How do you do?
    Get a C.
    Get a B.
    Get an A.
    Get an F.
  • 13
    There's construction in the way when you're walking home from school. How do you take it?
    I subtly walk through the detour so I don't have to take the shortcut through the bad part of town.
    Take the shortcut. Like anything bad's gonna happen.
    Take the shortcut to your house, Kind of in a bad part of town.
    Respectfully, with a smile, walk around the fence of the construction site. The men tell you to leave, so you take the shortcut home through the bad part of town.
  • 14
    How do you like school?
    Feels like it's never gonna end, but i'm thriving pretty good.
    I hate school. I always will.
    I like school because of imagining what it'd be like to climb up the social ladder to be the king/queen. Having those thoughts is so fun.
    I love it! Even though I'm not that social, I excel in intelligence.
  • 15
    What types of insults you get a lot?
    Mean; Goth; Ugly
    Stupid; Freak; Retard
    Beanpole; Egghead; Nerd
    Insipid; Boring; Slow

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