Am I...crushing?

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SOME people think this is a dumb question, but it's quite possible to be unsure. Take this quiz if you need some help sorting out those weirrrrd feelings.

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    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?

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Rekar (27341)
4 days ago
There's this boy, we are really really close friends and I'm really into him (both personality and look wise). We are super compatible, but the only thing is he is giving me mixed signals. Btw I'm a guy so this is a lot messed up and problematic than a normal crush situation.
โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ (89294)
20 days ago
Soooo there's this boy (BRADLEY) who I am soo in love with but I feel so guilty because he has a girlfriend. But I'm pretty sure he likes me anyway. And sometimes I get soo jealous of some of my friends because my best friend says he doesn't like me he likes them and I almost cried. SOMEBODY Help ME PLEASE!!!!

Marii (11869)
37 days ago
Thereโ€™s a cute boy in all my core classes that wrestles plays football and baseball and I cheer and play softball so idk I just think heโ€™s cute and stuff
Lexie (94016)
55 days ago
I want this boys attention but I'm shy, we talk a lot and look at each other but sometimes I get scared and look away ecen though I truely love him. What do I do to be more confident??? Please help
Texas (76601)
61 days ago
Is it bad I think I am in love with someone who is already dating someone god I live him so much I want to date him and kiss him
Texas (76601)
61 days ago
There is this boy Austin I am in Love I think he is in my Theater class but sometimes I think I donโ€™t. Like him god I just wonโ€™t to kiss him
Makiya (35483)
62 days ago
There is this Kidd that goes to my school his name is German and he is fine asf my friends think that we are already dating but we are not but I wish we were so they can stop bothering me but I do like him if you ever se him u would see what I mean
Destiny (55006)
91 days ago
Im 12 and like a collage boy, we've been talking quite alot and flirt alot. Ik its not right but im falling for him and he's falling for me and Idk what to do at all.
Proudly South African (03717)
165 days ago
I have only really had one proper crush in my life ya know when you get th crusty feeling like the butterflies and shivers etc but the guy I took this quiz for I don't really know him but I feel like I would have a major crush on him once I do get to know him ..... and I recently got his number not from him but i don't know whether I should just text him or not. Help please ?
Not a Plane (17206)
260 days ago
Ugh, second quiz I took on this topic, again it tells me I have a crush. I guess it's for real.
And Kit-Kat, guessing from my knowledge of American education... you're around 12-15 years old. Don't worry m8, if you don't want this crush, it probably won't happen. It will pass, you'll get over it.
If you do want that crush.... I have no advice to give you then :D
Kit-Kat (03711)
361 days ago
Geez... I got 50% profile A. I swear this is the most I have liked anybody... Why does it always have to happen in Junior High? Idk.....
nick Majorianno (58390)
516 days ago
Now i am talking to myself. darnet
nick Majorianno (58390)
516 days ago
yep she a goner
nick Majorianno (58390)
516 days ago
But, please....!!!!
Paige pon (58390)
516 days ago
Im leaving nick and u can't stop me.seriously.
Paige pon (58390)
516 days ago
No its not awesome, dwathing!
Nick Majorianno (58390)
516 days ago
Dude, u go to my school!!!! this is awesome, dwathing !!!!!
paige pon (58390)
517 days ago
HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, how are ya fellows you are so right
Naomianaleeyahonikeewayiihonannianne (58390)
517 days ago
Girls out there, i have had sooooooooooooooooo many crushes, But i finally found the puurrrrrrrrrrrrrfect one. you'll see. see ya tomorrow!!!!!!