What High School Clique Are You In?

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Find out what high school clique you are in!

  • 1
    What time do you wake?
    I'll be late anyway.
    Whenever my BFF wakes so that we can text.
  • 2
    How do you get to school?
    I walk.
    The bus.
    My car.
    Eh, it depends the day.
    Probably with my friends or parents.
  • 3
    When you get to homeroom, what do you do?
    Talk with my friends
    Make origami
    Read a book
    Chill, pass notes
  • 4
    You go to your locker and see a secret admirer note! What are you thinking?
    I swear to Gawd if [your friend's name] is messing with me, I'll shave their eyebrows off
    I wonder who it is THIS time
    (gasp) I feel so special!
    Who could this be?
    I hope that we can get along
  • 5
    You get to first period, which is Algebra. Your teacher starts teaching about graphing, and what do you do?
    Blankly stare at the board and do whatever the teacher is doing
    Doodle on my notebook until class is over
    Tell your friend about the note in your locker
    Do your work so you can get that item you've been wanting at the mall
    Try real hard to listen and fail
  • 6
    First period is over (hallelujah), and you bump into your crush in the hall. What do you do?
    Elbow your friend for making kissy noises
    Jerk your head up and say, "How you doing?"
    Squeak, then shyly look away
    Exchange a regular smile and watch out for the huge kid in front of you
    Blush and flash a smile
  • 7
    You get to second period one minute late because someone stepped on your kicks and you had to clean it off. What is your attempt to get in class with a substitute?
    Skip the class altogether
    Bribe the sub to let you in
    Tell them what happened
    Go to the office and get a late pass
    Flirt with the sub to get in
  • 8
    Class is over and now you have to go to a surprise school-wide assembly about Teenage pregnancy. What are you thinking?
    I'll sit by [your friend]
    I've heard this before
    I'm calling to get checked out
    Seriously? -_-
    Perfect time to sleep
  • 9
    You're happy that the assembly killed 2 periods and you get to go straight to lunch. What table do you sit at?
    Where the whole team is at in the back!
    The rousy table
    It depends who's here today
    I normally eat on the roof or outside
    Where a few of my friends are
  • 10
    The after-lunch-attitude is sinking in, but you have P.E. and it's a Friday, which means free-day. What are you doing?
    Talking to the coach about the current season sport
    Playing basketball
    Chilling in the bleachers and watching your crush play
    Playing volleyball with my friends
    Just walking
  • 11
    After PE is over, you get into your swimwear and take a shower. The person that you don't like of your opposite sex walks into the shower stall and tries to undress you. What do you do?
    Get scared and push them away
    Whip up a towel and smack their ass with it until they run out (XD)
    Punch them until their nose bleeds
    Scream "RAPE!"
    Tell the coach
  • 12
    Okay, the rest of your day went out pretty good. You're in your 2nd to last period (Culture interests) and your teacher asks you to speak positives on Japan. What do you say?
    Anime and manga
    What about it?
    Tiny people with tiny eyes
    I don't know
  • 13
    (pretend you have your own car if you don't have on) Your ride home broke down on the highway and your phone bill isn't paid. What do you do?
    Sit on the hood and use your thumb for help
    I walk. ARE MY LEGS BROKEN? (Me: watch it, smartass!)
    Use my free call app to get a tow truck
    Tell my friends to get out and push this shit
    Use my car phone
  • 14
    You finally got home but it's almost 8:00. What are your plans?
    After today, I'm laying that ass down and going to bed
    To the game
    Go to my friend's house and eat a bunch of food
    I'm going to chill with my family tonight
    Chill, and maybe go to the movies
  • 15
    If you ever break your curfew, which is 1:00 am on a weekend, what do you fear most?
    My mom
    My dad
    Both, and my grandma
    Probably neither because I wouldn't be out that late anyway

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