Are you transgender (FtM)?

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This quiz is specifically for biological females. If you are biologically male, stop right here. You may want to try the MtF version.

  • 1
    Do you feel like you are male despite physically being female?
    I feel both male and female
    Sometimes, but sometimes I feel comfortable being female
    I don't feel female, but I don't feel male, either
  • 2
    If I were to say that you are a very pretty girl/woman, would that annoy you?
    Yes, I'm a boy/man
    Yes, I'm not just a girl/woman
    No/Yes, I just don't like being called pretty
    Yes, I'm not a girl/woman or a boy/man
  • 3
    Do you present as male (hair, clothes, choice of bathroom, etc.)?
    No, I present as both male and female as best I can/I wish that was the case
    Sometimes/I wish that was the case
    No, I present androgynously/I wish that was the case
    No, and I don't want to
    Yes/No, but I want to
  • 4
    Would you ever consider taking hormone blockers to stop the development of female puberty? (if you've already gone through female puberty, imagine if you went in a time machine and could make this decision)
    Maybe. I want to seem female, but at the same time I want to seem male.
    Probably. I don't want to seem female or male.
    No. I want to seem female.
    Maybe. I sometimes want to, but sometimes I don't.
    Yes. I want to seem male.
  • 5
    Would you ever consider taking testosterone to develop male secondary sex characteristics?
    Probably not. I want to seem neither male nor female.
    Yes. I want to seem male.
    Probably not. I don't want to seem male all the time.
    No. I want to seem female.
    Maybe. I want to seem both male and female.
  • 6
    Would you ever consider "top surgery" (the removal of breast tissue through surgery) if you had the money?
    No. I want to seem female.
    Yes. It makes it easier to seem neither male nor female./No. I don't mind my breasts/No. Binding isn't that bad.
    Yes. I want to seem male./No. I don't mind binding my breasts
    Yes. It makes it easier to appear male when I want to./No. I don't mind binding when I want to seem male.
    No. Breasts are part of my female aspect./Yes. Breasts don't fit in with my male aspect.
  • 7
    Would you ever consider getting "bottom surgery" (the transformation of a vagina into a penis through surgery) if you had the money?
    No. I don't like my vagina, but I don't want a penis, either.
    No. My vagina doesn't fully feel right, but a penis wouldn't be any better.
    No. Sometimes I want my vagina, and the surgery isn't reliable or usually produce good results.
    No. I don't mind my vagina.
    Yes. I want to feel male, and penises are male./No. I want to preserve my vagina until stem cell research is perfected./No. I don't feel comfortable with the procedures
  • 8
    What kind of name would you like to be called by?
    Androgynous (Doesn't seem either masculine or feminine)
    Unisex (Seems either definitely masculine or definitely feminine)
    Sometimes a masculine one, sometimes a feminine one.
  • 9
    Which of these labels do you think best describes you?
    Genderfluid (biological sex sometimes does align with mental gender, sometimes does not)
    Bigender (mental gender aligns with both the biological sex and the opposite sex)
    Cisgender (biological sex does align with mental gender)
    Androgynous/Third gender/Agender (mental gender aligns with neither the biological sex nor the opposite sex
    Transgender (biological sex does not align with mental gender)
  • 10
    Which of these would be the worst for you?
    Living only as the same gender all the time
    Living as just one gender
    Living as a female
    Living as either male or female
    Living as a male

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Nikki ( 3.218 )
Posted 26 days ago
I wish I was a boy, but I don't mind being a girl... I don't have dysphoria. I'm just a really confused smol meme lord.
Frederick M. ( 4.186 )
Posted 45 days ago
This was a bit of a help. I've been taking tests all over the internet to kinda decide. I really am glad this was here. It definitely helped spurr me on. Now I just need to tell my mom.
Sketchy ( 27.96 )
Posted 82 days ago
I very much HATE being female and think about becoming a male, but the more I think the more it confuses me. I think having no gender at all would be a good solution to what I want to be, and this really helped.
[BEEP] ( 59.51 )
Posted 95 days ago
Anyone would be confused after that quiz.
Alex.W ( 14.85 )
Posted 104 days ago
I am trans and i got 100 percent I am a boy forever
kian ( 5.193 )
Posted 114 days ago
i am trans and i knew it before but it really helps.
Alex ( 87.27 )
Posted 141 days ago
I like this quiz. I've been really confused lately. I feel like I might me genderfluid/ Bigender. This actually helped. Thank you
JASMAN IS A DUMB HO ! ( 32.12 )
Posted 152 days ago
MMK;® , We run this [BEEP] bbg ; ) ( 32.12 )
Posted 152 days ago
PHG & PB Reborn . Yall needa gtfo 'cus yall hozee mad cus ya poochie been smell like turtle tang . Yall [BEEP]es needa stop coming fo MMK , cus yall just sum lame ahh fans !
i love dylan lopez the 7th on smallworlds ( 32.12 )
Posted 152 days ago
ilysfm dylan i miss you and wish u were still here to lick my [BEEP]
Ben ( 5.152 )
Posted 158 days ago
so....i don't really wanna be a man or woman....
By birth i am a female. But mentally i am both.
I don't want to fully be female or male.....people say im confused an stuff like that.
I guess im bigender?
Luke ( 29.55 )
Posted 189 days ago
Actually have been going by my male name for quite some time as long as I thought it was gonna be accepted. Other than that used my female name.
70% chance of being trans is pretty much how i feel cause there still are days when I feel okay as a woman but other days it's just.. Nah
Plus my whole behaviour actually does seem pretty male to others and they never really accepted me.
Either way, since I turn 17 this year and have already gone through puberty, I doubt I'll still transition.
My hips are too broad and my waist is really small so yeah
If I could turn back time I'd transition immediately. Before hitting puberty.
Leila ( 1.145 )
Posted 219 days ago
so I´m bigender.....ehm.....ok
jamey (Zane) ( 10.58 )
Posted 220 days ago
confused about who i am and what to be :/
Megan ( 69.10 )
Posted 225 days ago
I'm confused about my gender. I feel like I'm trapped inside my female body and don't know how to tell my parents I'm only 15 and if I come out to them they will hate me forever.
3ricz Li Yan ( 2.118 )
Posted 278 days ago
luckily im flat and already very passable as boy looking.
3ricz Li Yan ( 2.118 )
Posted 278 days ago
Yep this confirms it. The 20th test is passed.
Peridot ( 5.252 )
Posted 324 days ago
Technically, I'm a cis girl though, despite my getting "genderfluid" on this quiz. I just tend to think of myself as a masculine one ^w^
Bichman ( 7.250 )
Posted 329 days ago
Hi I am a woman born inside of a mans body, the cool thing is that I have always wanted to be a man, so I'm already set. I feel kinda of guilty for all those women who want to be men, who are trapped inside a woman's body, and must go through so much trouble to get a [BEEP]. Also I do like women, which, technically makes me gay, it really bothers me when people act like I'm straight just because I'm married and have kids. You "regular" trans people make me sick, you don't know how hard this is, to be different than everyone yet seem the same as regular people.