Which warrior cat are you?

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Find out what position you play in a Clan and which cat you are.

  • 1
    Your leader is about to pick a new deputy. What do you do?
    Stand back. You can't have a mate if you're chosen.
    Hope that your friends who want it more get the spot. It doesn't matter
    Stay back. You don't have the right skills to be leader.
    Ask your leader to please think about you, but then don't bother them.
    Demand that your leader give you the position.
  • 2
    How good are you at hunting?
    Yeah. I can track down mice, no treble!
    I'm the best hunter there is!
    No. I can't track down prey. But I can track down herbs for the medicine cat!
    I like to hunt mates, but I'm not very good at it.
    I don't care how good I am, I just wanna help my Clan.
  • 3
    How are your fighting skills?
    I'm actually pretty good at fighting.
    If I'm fighting for what's right, I fight as hard as I can. If it's not good enough then oh well.
    Not really. I don't like the idea of hurting cats!
    No! Not at all!
    Yes! I'm the fighting boss!
  • 4
    If you were in the original series, what Clan would you be in?
    I'd be comfortable in ShadowClan! I could rule the forest!
    Probably WindClan. Race across those moors!
    If I were SkyClan I could climb trees all day!
    If ThunderClan is anything like EarthClan then that's my groove!
    I'd love to walk in StarClan with my knowledge!
  • 5
    Favorite pelt color?
    Golden, orange or yellow
    Black, gray or gray-black
    Blue-silver, cream or other
    Silver or white
  • 6
    Favorite cat eye color?
    Dark blue
    Amber or brown
    Bright blue
    Purple or gray
  • 7
    Favorite prey
    Cat *wicked grin*
    Mouse, vole or squirrel
    Fish or water vole
  • 8
    Do you want an apprentice?
    An apprentice could be helpful....
    Of course!
  • 9
    Why do you want an apprentice?
    They could be helpful
    It sounds fun and I wanna help my Clan!
    Maybe if we get along, I could have a mate!
    I could teach them so much!
    I already said don't want an apprentice!
  • 10
    What is your favorite name pre-fix?
    Feather, Jay, Bird, Goose, Pebble, Clover, Thunder
    Golden, Shine, Bright, Milk, Dapple, Poppy, Falcon
    Cedar, Tree, Bark, Steam, Lush, Morning, Chestnut
    Silver, Moon, Gray, Blue, Wild, Wind, White
    Web, Spider, Petal, Pine, Fluff, Oak, Bug
  • 11
    Favorite name suffix?
    Tail, pelt, ear, foot, fur, whisker
    Wisp, mist, mask, path, call, splash, strike
    Heart, flight, wing, pool, stream, song, voice
    Stripe, fang, claw, blood, dark, shadow, night
    Star, moon, blaze, shine, breeze, haze, flow
  • 12
    If you were in my series, what Clan would you be in?
    SunClan, fast, loyal warriors, location: Sandy hills, prey: rabbits and snakes
    FireClan, strong, pretty, location: open fields with rivers prey: fish
    StormClan, proud, mean, location: dark forests prey: snakes and rats
    StarClan, brilliant, radiant, strong, location: the skies prey: anything
    EarthClan, brave, clever, location: Forest, prey: Mice and birds (etc.)
  • 13
    Loving, pretty and fun
    Serious, wise and strong
    Sweet, pretty and adventurous
    Gentle, caring and helpful
    Strong, great fighter and proud
  • 14
    How's your connection with StarClan?
    Well of course! Doesn't everyone?
    No! StarClan doesn't exist!
    Oddly, yes!
    I have a connection with a lost friend in StarClan
    Not really, my mate does though.
  • 15
    Do you have a mate?
    Of course
    Yes! He/she is amazing!
    I can't have one *Looks away in shame*
    I wish
    No! And I don't want one!
  • 16
    How are you feeling right now? (Real life)
    I dunno or none of the above
  • 17
    Almost done!
    Dang it!
    Good riddance!
    Ok, I guess
    Cool. I'll take another quiz of your another time!
    I wanna keep going!
  • 18
    What's your favorite position in a Clan?
    Leader *mwa ha ha!*
    Medicine cat
  • 19
    What is most important when being a deputy
    Having support from Clanmates
    Fighting the urge to have a mate!
    How should I know?
    Being awesome
    Being loyal, clever and strong
  • 20
    What do you like best in a leader?
    Total domination!
    They listen to their medicine cat!
    Fair leadership; not too hard, not too soft
    Kindness and wisdom

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