Would you survive the Hunger Games?

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Are you a hunger games fan? Do you think you could survive? Are you a killer or a prey? Well, here you can find out!

  • 1
    How do you make yourself look for the interview?
    Shy, Quiet
    Funny, Appealing
  • 2
    Ok, so you have just risen from your pod and you need a plan.
    Go straight for the middle (the bow) and kill as many tributes as possible.
    Grab a quick pack and run away.
    Run away and get as far away from the cornucopia as fast as possible!
  • 3
    Ok, you got out of there, but you actually managed to get a small pack. It has jerky, a water bottle, and a sleeping bag. It's getting dark, and cold. What do you do?
    Climb a tree, then have an uncomfortable sleep in your sleeping bag.
    Start a fire and sleep, nice and toasty.
    Curl up on the ground with your sleeping bag.
  • 4
    You got through the night, and now you are starving, but all you have is jerky, and only a little bit.
    Eat the jerky and hope to find more food
    Just keep walking to find somewhere safe
    Try to find plants or animals to eat instead of the jerky, but you might or might not find any.
  • 5
    You got a scratch from another tribute when the shot an arrow at your arm but only skinned it.
    Try to find allies that can fix it
    Clean it and wrap it in moss
    Leave it be
  • 6
    Ok, it's been a week now, and you've survived this far. You have no food, no water, and nowhere to sleep. What do you do first?
    Search for a river and water
    Don't do anything (that's just stupid, but I mean if your lazy…)
    Go hunting for food
    Look for a good cave or tree to sleep in
    Try to find an ally with all that
  • 7
    There is a little girl with food and medicine practice. There are only 6 tributes left though.
    Kill her and get it over with
    Let her go so you don't have to kill her in the end
    Become allies for her food and medicine
  • 8
    You find a good looking guy/girl that is hurt but still alive. What do you want to do? Oh yeah and the girl is dead, whether you became allies with her or not. So there are 5 tributes left.
    Kill him to end his misery
    Save the guy/girl and become allies
    Pretend that you don't see him and walk away
  • 9
    The guy/girl turned out to be an amazing fighter, and if you tried to kill them, you failed, they ran away. But later, you here a cannon and it is his.:( There has also been two other kills so there are only two tributes left. You, and the guy from district 2.
    Avoid him until he dies of hunger or other illness
    Go after him and try to kill him
    Find your way to him without being seen, and then try to shoot him
  • 10
    You have won! Good job! You will now be returning to your district. You actually have no family, so what would you like to do with your life. (These questions don't actually effect your score)
    Marry a man and have a family
    Become a teacher or have another job
    Go on adventures
    Enter the Army and serve there
    Move to the Capital

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