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    You are on a sinking ship. There are enough lifeboats for all but 5 people. There are enough life jackets for everyone. What is closest to what you would do?
    Make sure everyone else gets a life jacket, then get in a life boat
    Make sure all the women and children get in lifeboats, then make the strongest swimmers let other people get on first
    Just add an extra person to the lifeboats with the lightest people.
    Put on a life jacket, get in a lifeboat
  • 2
    Your best friend is freaking out about a test tomorrow. What do you do?
    Steal the answer key, but make sure not to get caught.
    Steal the answer key, but copy it then put it back. Without getting caught.
    Make up a study guide with tips to help her memorise everything. Quiz her on the material until she gets enough of it.
    Study with her, make her tea, and make sure she takes a break.
  • 3
    Someone is bullying your best friend, what do you do?
    Stand up for them, comfort them, and tell a teacher that will put a stop to it.
    Get revenge on them, humiliate them, how dare they mess with your bestie!
    Teach your friend to stand up for themselves, and stand up for them until they can
    Set up a sting operation so that a teacher sees them being bullied
  • 4
    You are lost in the woods with your best friend, you are on the path, but you don't remember which way you went when the trail split. How do you find your way out?
    Stay together on the path, go back the way you came, but always take the left fork when the trail splits
    Go back the way you came but decide one of you will always take the right fork and the other will always take the left
    Find your way back using the sun, moss on trees and the stars if it's that late
    Stay together by the path under a tree, wait for the search party
  • 5
    Your best friend and another one of your friends are fighting. You know your bestie is in the wrong. If you side with your best friend, your other friend will end the friendship. How do you handle the situation?
    Mediate the argument.
    Side with the other friend, they are right after all.
    Try to show my best friend they are in the wrong without hurting their feelings.
    Tell them both to drop it, it doesn't matter anyways
  • 6
    You've just been asked out by someone you aren't interested in and don't know very well, how do you turn them down?
    No, thanks, but I don't have time for romance right now.
    No thanks, I don't know you well enough.
    I don't know you very well, but maybe if we got to know each other better?
    I'm sorry, I'm not interested in you, but you should get to know (someone who might date them).
  • 7
    Five people have chased you into a dead end alley, they are clearly planning you harm. The wall behind you is too tall and smooth to climb over.
    Turn around and throw your valuables out behind them
    Turn around and get ready for a five to one fight.
    Don't run to the end of the ally, might as well get it over with
    Run to the end of the alley, take all your valuables off and have them ready to hand over
  • 8
    You have been given a gift you hate by a family member. What do you do?
    Give it to someone who will appreciate it, and be tactfully honest when asked about.
    Keep it, but put it somewhere you don't have to see it.
    Quietly give it away and make sure all your family members are informed as to what things you want for presents.
    "Lose" it
  • 9
    Your crush says something cruel to one of your friends, what is your reaction?
    Confront them about the consequences of those that mess with your friends
    Decide no one that is cruel to one of your friends is worth your time
    You defend your friend but not in a way that will make your crush hate you
    Tell all your friends "I can't believe I liked such a jerk" and be completely on your friends side
  • 10
    Your parents are fighting. You're siblings are freaked out by this and need to be taken care of (calmed down, comforted, fed, put to bed). What do you do?
    Take care of them of course!
    As soon as the argument starts jump in and mediate before it becomes a full blown row.
    Yell at parents for not doing their job, feed siblings, help them get ready for bed, calm them down
    Comfort, calm down, feed, and put siblings to bed, then YELL at parents

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Kiki ( 63.42 )
Posted 108 days ago
I'm 1/3 of Slytherin , 1/3 Ravenclaw and 1/3 Hufflepuff.
Makira ( 4.101 )
Posted 329 days ago
I was so convinced I was going to get Hufflepuff, but I got Ravenclaw! Which is actually my personal favorite :#