Am I a lesbian?

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  • 1
    When you think about girls in a sexual way, how to you react?
    You feel fluttery and excited inside
    Well, it's a fifty-fifty for me. I like it with boys and girls
  • 2
    A girl at school comes out. You have known her since preschool. What do you think?
    Yes! I've had a crush on her forever.
    Cool. Maybe we could hang out.
    Get. Away. From. Me. Right. Now.
  • 3
    You see a Victoria's Secret commercial.
    They look nice.
    They are so hot.
    This is gross.
  • 4
    A lesbian girl invites you to a pool party.
    That's nice! I'll make sure I will come.
    There is no way I am wearing a bikini! One-piece with shorts and shirt.
    I can't wait! I will wear my prettiest swimsuit!
  • 5
    We are walking in the cafeteria at lunch and a girl accidentally brushes your boob.
    Look at her and keep walking like nothing happened.
    Look up and secretly have butterflies in your stomach.
    Gross! I wish a boy did that.. Then I could flirt..
  • 6
    When it comes to a professional occasion, such as a recital, what will you wear?
    Frilly blouse or dress.
    Pants and pretty shirt or dress or skirt with cute shirt
    Suit and tie, or blouse with tie, or suit with no tie
  • 7
    When relaxing on a weekend, you're more likely to wear
    Jeans, t-shirt
    Jersey kind of shirt, sweat or pajama pants
    Shorts and tank top
  • 8
    Your dream hairstyle is
    Medium, straight hair
    Short or cropped hair, really long or curly
    Layered or permed
  • 9
    A celeb you love
    Austin Mahone
    Ellen Degeneres
    Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie
  • 10
    Your dream piercing (these include ear piercing.)
    Eyebrow or nose
    Nose or bellybutton
    I just prefer the ear piercing
  • 11
    Back to girls, if someone dared you to kiss a girl and you did, how would you feel?
    Make no fuss about it afterwards, but really enjoy it on the inside.
    Grossed out and disgusted. I NEED MEN!
    Feel indifferent, just like how you would after kissing a guy.
  • 12
    If your best/close friend came out of the closet, you would
    Feel betrayed and never speak to her again
    Get butterflies and think about doing the same so you two can be together
    Give her your support and tell her you are happy for her
  • 13
    What do you think you are?
    I'm not quite positive; I like both genders,
    Straight as wood
    Lesbian for sure
  • 14
    If you see a lesbian/gay couple, you
    Walk away as fast as you can
    Feel inspired
    Think that it's awesome they are happy and out there
  • 15
    What do you think of the rainbow?
    Nope. I'm all for the black and white flag. If I could make the other flag illegal, I would
    You like it a lot
    HELL YEAH that's my life

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Emma ( 1.200 )
Posted 280 days ago
I was confused till I took this test I got 87% lesbian and I'm pround