What type of girl are you?

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  • 1
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Hang with all my friends in town or partaay!
    Read or study, finish off my homework probably.
    Anything I want!
    Do some sort of extracurricular activity, dance, drama, music, sports...
    Maybe pull a prank or do dares...if I'm not in a detention.
  • 2
    How many friends do you have?
    15-20 (mostly at my activities!)
  • 3
    What sort of colours do you wear?
    Hot red, black, dark blue and gold...
    Depends how I feel...
    Pretty colours that get me noticed! Light blue, pink, red..
    Plain colours, light blue, grey, brown...
    Mostly practical stuff...
  • 4
    What is/was your favourite subject at school?
    PE and drama, physical stuff.
    I don't really have one...maybe history?
    I'm good at all of them so I don't need a favourite.
    Everything and anything! I have to do well in all of them really...
    All the academic subjects: science, English, maths, history, geography etc
  • 5
    How many boyfriends have you had from the age of 8 and up?
    I don't have much time for them...1-5
    1...when I was 8
    Maybe like...10+?
  • 6
    What would be your ideal guy?
    Talented and smart, an all rounder.
    Hot and popular!
    Academic. Top of his class like me!
    Dark and powerful, rebellious too, not afraid of what people think.
    Kind, good looking, sweet, funny and kinda smart.
  • 7
    What best describes your looks?
    Bold and edgy, dark hair and eyes. Tall and trim.
    Unique! I have brown hair, blue eyes and a normal, slim body.
    Hot! That's what everyone says. I'm fair with blue eyes and a fit body.
    Boring to ugly. I have flat brown hair and hazel eyes and I'm a little chubby...
    Normal really. I have brown eyes and hair and a average weight/height.
  • 8
    How do you get home after school?
    My parents pick me up or I walk.
    Probably on the bus so I can get to my next activity.
    I walk with my group/boyfriend.
    Depends on the day.
  • 9
    What's your dream job?
    Doctor or scientist.
    Performer or a politician.
    I don't know yet! Maybe a nurse?
    Hollywood star.
  • 10
    How would your friends describe you?
    Kind, friendly...maybe funny.
    Busy and energetic. Always hyperactive and a high achiever.
    Rebellious and brave. Adventurous.
    Fun, cool, popular and pretty.
    Well my other classmates would say smart and quiet...
  • 11
    How would boys describe you?
    Fun and lively.
    Hot! Probably awesome.
    Just the same as my friends.
    Wait...boys talk about me? Oh no...
    Well the ones that know me would say I'm friendly and nice.
  • 12
    What song TITLE best describes you?
    On my own-Les miserables: (
    Ladder in my tights-Amy Srudt
    Dancing through life-Wicked
    Very busy people-the limousines
  • 13
    Which Disney princess best describes you?
    Snow white.
    Sleeping Beauty/Aurora
  • 14
    If you could be an animal what would you be?
    A mouse
    A peacock
    A bird
    A wolf
    A dog
  • 15
    Did you like this quiz? (Counts towards marks)
    It was fine, just had some time on my hands for once
    Yeah, I should definitely make one too!
    I need to study...

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