Harry Potter Sorting Hat

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Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

  • 1
    You are house hunting. Which house do you choose?
    The one with the basement arcade
    The one with the attic library
    The one with the rock-climbing wall
    The one with the secret passageways
  • 2
    Your friend falls off his broom and breaks his arm. You...
    Fix it with magic. You are a wizard after all.
    Take him to Madam Pomfrey. She'll mend it in a heartbeat.
    Comfort and calm him down before sending him off to get it fixed.
    Call over Madam Hooch. She'll know what to do.
  • 3
    You realize you have an essay due tomorrow that you haven't started. You...
    Start working on it immediately, but accept that you'll have to hand it in late.
    Work on it until you get tired, than wake up early to finish it up.
    Try to get it done, but send an email to the prof asking for an extension anyway.
    Stay up all night working on it.
  • 4
    You're moving to America; which city are you going to?
    New York
    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas
  • 5
    Your brother comes out to you as being gay, but is too afraid to tell your parents. You...
    Comfort him, and help him build up the courage.
    Disclose your methods of sneaking around the 'rents.
    Hold his hand when he tells your parents.
    Have already discussed your suspicions about his sexual orientation with them.
  • 6
    You've had a crush on the same person for months. You...
    Try to make them jealous by flirting with someone else.
    Continue to get to know them, and hope they make a move.
    Ask them out.
    Develop a strategy to make them fall for you.
  • 7
    The professor accidentally handed you the answer key to next weeks test when handing out papers. You...
    Use it.
    Use it and share it with a few of your friends.
    Sell it.
    Give it back to the prof.
  • 8
    You can have one of the following superpowers. You choose:
    Super strength
    Mind reading
    Time travel
  • 9
    You're trying to sleep, but your little brother is watching loud YouTube videos and won't be quiet. You...
    Threaten to tell you parents, and follow through if he continues.
    Continue to plead with him.
    Unplug the router; no internet means no YouTube.
    Strip the sheets off his bed; if he's going to make it difficult for you to sleep, you can make it difficult for him.
  • 10
    Which house do you think you belong in? The sorting hat does take your choice into consideration.

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