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  • 1
    A network in which the nodes are located within a small geographic area...
    Wide Area Network WAN
    Local area network LAN
    Home Area Network HAN
    Metropolitan area network MAN
  • 2
    Network adapters...
    Are built into the motherboard on each node
    Enable nodes in a network to communicate with each other
    Are always ethernet NICS
    Are necessary only on servers in a client server network
  • 3
    Which of the following is made up of plastic or glass fibers that transmit data at extremely fast speeds?
    Coaxial Cable
    UNshielded twisted pair cable
    Fiber optic cable
    Twisted pair cable
  • 4
    The most common type of home network is...
    Client server network
    Token ring lan
    A wan
    Peer to peer network P2P
  • 5
    A navigation device that transfers packets of data between two or more networks is called a...
  • 6
    A _____ is a set of proframs that searches the web for specific words you wish to look for and then returns a list of results
    Search form
    Search engine
    Subject directory
    Search page
  • 7
    A metasearch engine is different than a regular search engine because it....
    Searches for several keywords simultaneously
    Is a service that charges a fee for its use
    Is much faster
    Searches other search engine databases
  • 8
    A ____ is a structured outline of web sites organized by topics and subtopics
    Metasearch result list
    Search engine hit list
    Subject directory
    Subdirectory list
  • 9
    Which of the following items is NOT component of search engines
    Html editor
    The spider
    The indexer program
    Search engine software
  • 10
    The individual words you search for when using a search engine is referred as...
  • 11
    When determining the best internet connection option to use, the most important thing to know is....
    The cpus processing speed
    The type of internet connections available in your area
    How much memory your computer has
    Whether your computer is a mac or pc
  • 12
    ____ internet connection is high speed connections that include DSL cable and fiber optic
    Dial up
    Ethernet modem
  • 13
    Which transmission medium is able to transmit data the fastest?
    Fiber optic cable
    Twisted pair cable
    Coaxial cable
  • 14
    To connect to the internet wirelessly you must...
    Have a wireless port on your device
    Have a wireless access provider
    Have a wireless expansion card
    Be in a wireless fidelity hotspot and have the right equipment
  • 15
    ___ services use special strands of optically pure glass or plastic that are as thin as human hair to transmit data
    Fiber optic
  • 16
    Which of the following is not a suggested way to protect yourself while online shopping?
    Printing a copy of all online orders
    Make sure you have a confirmation number
    Check that the company has a valid email address
    Check the return policy
  • 17
    ______ is the ecommerce term for transactions that take place between businesses and other businesses
    Brick and motar
    Point and click
  • 18
    When an individual makes a purchase from another individual on an online auction site such as ebay it is a .....
  • 19
    A websites url can identify all of the following things except the
    File path for additional pages within the website
    Protocol used to retrieve a web document
    Websites domain name
    Browser required to view the website
  • 20
    The first part of a url indicates the set of rules or ____ used to retrieve the specified document
  • 21
    Which of the following is not an approved top level domain?

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