Would you survive a horror movie?

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  • 1
    What best describes your personality?
    Strong, brave, a natural leader
    Really smart, quiet, I keep to myself...
    Boisterous, sociable, cool and a teensy bit slutty
    Loyal, average and anxious
    Caring, sweet, helpful and innocent
  • 2
    What best describes your looks?
    Average really, brown hair, brown eyes, average height...
    A little nerdy...
    Short, blonde and baby-faced.
    Rugged but good looking
  • 3
    What is your favourite colour?
  • 4
    What is your biggest fear?
    Fear itself
  • 5
    No the personality questions are done, here are the horror ones. You and your friends go down to the basement and see a trapdoor that you've never seen before. There is nothing holding it down but there is a pile of screws ad a padlock next to it. You...
    Watch what's happening and try not to look scared. I'm getting ready to help.
    Open it lightly and peek in.
    Inspect the screws to see why they are there.
    Go inside and see what's in it.
    Put the padlock back on. It was there for a reason.
  • 6
    You're on your own in the house when you look out the window. A clown is standing at the end of the road staring at you and waving. He has a balloon in his hand. You...
    Lock the door and start researching recent crimes.
    Call the police.
    Call your parents.
    Call your friends.
    Shout at him to go away and close the blinds. What a pervert.
  • 7
    You're walking down the street when a guy offers you a leaflet. You refuse, but then you see the same guy round the corner, giving out leaflets. You ignore it but then he's round the next corner too. You...
    Run away.
    Go into a shop or a crowd. Then take a picture of him in case.
    Take the leaflet?
    Take the leaflet and flirt a little, he must really like me if he follows me.
    Call the police and say you're being stalked.
  • 8
    You wake up and you're in a room you've never seen before. A girl is lying unconscious who you don't know. The door starts to open. You...
    Just stay quiet and try and get on their good side.
    Try and wake up the girl.
    Pretend to be unconscious too.
    Flirt with whoever comes through the door. You never know...
    Cry and ask why you're here.
  • 9
    You're in the woods on your own when a guy comes from behind a tree saying something attacked him. His clothes are ripped. You run through the forest with him when you see a cottage. He drags you into it and ties you to a chair. You...
    Find out his plan.
    Ask him why I'm here.
    Bite the rope away or cut it with my pocket knife.
    Open my legs.
  • 10
    Finally, you're babysitting two kids when you get a phone call asking you to check on the kids. You then get another. You...
    Call him back and ask who this is.
    Call the police.
    Call the kids and see if they're OK.
    Go upstairs.
    Call the kids' parents.

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