Ultimate Scream Fan Quiz

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The questions range from scream 1 to 4.This quiz should prove that you are the ultimate scream fan.

  • 1
    In the first film, where was Sydney's father staying?
    The Hampton inn
    The Hilton
    He didn't stay anywhere
  • 2
    Who were the 2 killers in the second film?
    Debbie and Micky
    Billy and Randy
    Cici and Hallie
  • 3
    In the third film what movie was being produced?
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    There wasn't any movie produced
  • 4
    Who was the killer and what was his/her motive?
    Sydney, she didn't have a motive
    Gale, she got tired of always trying to save the day
    Roman, Maureen avoided him she acted as if she didn't know him
  • 5
    Name the rules that were stated in the first movie.
    You pretty much have to be gay
    There aren't any rules
    1.Don't have sex 2.Don't do drugs or drink 3.Don't say you'll be right back because you won't
  • 6
    Why did Sydney return to Woodsboro in the fourth film?
    She was on last stop promoting her book
    She came to grieve
    She wanted to see Dewey and Gale
  • 7
    Why did Jill Roberts and Trevor Sheldon break up?
    Jill didn't like him and who he hung out with
    Trevor didn't like her
    Trevor cheated on her
  • 8
    How many stab movies are there?
  • 9
    What is the only rule to survive a slasher movie?
    Always stay with your friends
    You pretty much have to be gay
    Hide under your bed
  • 10
    In Stab 6, who is the boy in the Facebook picture that has been sent to Trudie?
    Channing Tatum
    Nico Tortorella
    Justin Bieber
  • 11
    Emma Roberts ( Jill Roberts) her hair is blond/brown why has she dyed her hair a darker color?
    Emma Roberts ( Jill Roberts) her hair is blond/brown why has she dyed her hair a darker color?
    She wants to become Sydney, too fit the role
    She likes the color
    She was forced
  • 12
    Who were revealed to be the killers at the end?
    Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker
    Kirby Reed and Robbie Mercer
    Trevor Sheldon and Sydney Prescott
  • 13
    What is the main killer's motive?
    She/he was tired of everyone dying around Sydney
    There was no motive
    She/he was tired of Sydney always getting all the attention and fame.She/he wanted that too.
  • 14
    How was the killer ( main) killed?
    She/he was shot
    She/he never died
    She/he got shocked with the defibrillator

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Nate Guerra ( 2.140 )
Posted 282 days ago
Sid's Dad didn't stay anywhere, he was at Stu's house, remember?