Does he like me back?

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  • 1
    If you and he are hanging in a group, would he sit next to you?
    He would definitely sit next to me, possibly sneakily rearranging some people so that he and I would be near each other.
    He'd sit wherever there was room, not necessarily near me
    He would sit next to me if there's an open seat by me, otherwise he'd sit wherever.
    We wouldn't be hanging in a group together...
    He'd sit as far from me as possible
  • 2
    Alright, so who texts/FB messages/IM's/emails/any other digital communications first?
    I usually do, but he always responds
    I mostly do and he either doesn't respond or takes a really long time to respond
    I don't have contact information for him and I don't think I'd get it from him
    It's 50-50
    He does, and on a pretty regular basis
  • 3
    If he texts you, what does he start the conversation with?
    What was the Physics homework?
    Are you going to the Basketball Game on Monday?
    Busy g2g bye
    We don't text
  • 4
    What do observers say about him and you?
    How do you know him?
    I think he doesn't like you...
    You guys seem really close.
    You and him are pretty good friends.
    Omg! I could totally see you two together! Ask him out!
  • 5
    When you compliment him what does he do?
    Say "Thanks"
    We don't talk
    Smile and blush and get kinda quiet
    Smile and say "Thanks, you're cool too"
    Say "Of course, I'm pretty awesome"
  • 6
    How close does he stand to you when it's just you guys?
    Close enough for our arms to brush against each other
    Pretty close
    I'm never alone with him!
    At a normal social level
    Pretty far away
  • 7
    When you talk, where are his eyes?
    Everywhere but me
    We still do not talk
    Looking into mine the whole time
    Sometimes holding eye contact with me, but also looking away
  • 8
    You ask him to a dance. What would his response be?
    No, I'm not into dances
    Yeah, as friends
    Sure, I'd love to!
    Of course! I wouldn't go with anyone else!
    No, I don't want to go with you
  • 9
    You are sick for 4 days and miss a lot of school. When you come back, he's like...
    "Oh, hey, so-and-so, missed you while you were gone."
    "Ugh, too bad you're already back"
    "Are you feeling better? I could help you with homework if you need."
    "So-and-so, I'm so glad you're feeling better!" (and he texted you the whole time while you were gone so you are caught up)
    He wouldn't really care
  • 10
    You mention that you're super into country music, especially Carrie Underwood. Next time you go to your crew's main hang and he's blaring music, what song is it?
    Any song by Kanye
    "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood
    His favorite tunes
    "Automatic" by Miranda Lambert
  • 11
    His friends are with him when he comes to talk to you. What are they acting like?
    They say "Hey, it's so-and-so"
    They form a kind of shield around him and help him get away
    They say "Hey, it's your girlfriend!"
    They're giggling, making jokes, catcalling, any way they can make him look dumb
  • 12
    If he came with you and your friends to eat at Olive Garden on a Saturday night before catching a concert, what is he wearing?
    A t-shirt of the band you're going to see
    Nice dark jeans and a nicer shirt. And he also did his hair, which he NEVER does.
    He wouldn't show
    Sweats all around
    Jeans and a sweatshirt, but he did put on cologne
  • 13
    Does he suddenly seem to be turning up everywhere you go?
    He just does what he always does
    He continues his normal schedule, but he always stops to see me.
    Yeah, somehow he now finds time to see me in between all my classes.
    He never sees me
    Actually, he seems to be avoiding me...
  • 14
    You ask him how his track meet went. He says:
    "Awesome! I ran a personal best time in the mile and our relay did super well. Wish you could've seen it!"
    "Awesome! We beat Genova High so that's a plus."
    "Great! I ran really well and we won!"
    "Good. Like always"
  • 15
    What's his language like around you?
    You couldn't tell the difference between him and Lil' Wayne
    He doesn't talk to me
    Very decent, he never cusses or puts people down.
    Like it is with everyone he talks to
    Pretty good, but when he's mad he can be kind of snappy.
  • 16
    When he's asked about his dating life and you're around, what does he say?
    I only date hot girls
    I don't really want to date right now
    If someone comes along, I may try it out
    I have someone in mind, but idk if she likes me back
  • 17
    What did (or would) he get you for your birthday?
    He doesn't know it
    Your favorite candy
    He'd say "Happy Birthday"
    A really nice gift
  • 18
    What's he like around other girls?
    He has other girl friends, but he only flirts with you
    He's a kind of flirt, but he's like that with everyone
    He doesn't really talk to girls
    He flirts with all the girls that aren't you
    He's not really a flirter but he seems kind of flirty with you
  • 19
    You meet a close family member/friend of his who doesn't go to your school or see you two together. When you introduce yourself they say:
    "Nice to meet you!"
    You wouldn't meet them
    "I've heard a lot about you!"
    "So-and-so told me about you"
  • 20
    When you talk does there seem to be tension in the air?
    Yeah, it's kind of awkward but we push through it...
    Yeah, because I can sense he doesn't like me
    Yeah, because he's odd...
    I guess, sometimes we're both speechless
    Nope, we just talk like we always do
  • 21
    Is he always trying to be funny?
    No, he doesn't talk
    No, he's stone
    Yeah, he always looks to see if I laugh too
    Yeah, and sometimes his jokes are awful haha
    Yeah, but he's a naturally funny guy
  • 22
    If you two are talking and someone pulls him away for a bit, he...
    Stays with them
    Who'd want to pull him away?
    Talks to them as long as he needs, but some back to you
    Immediately comes back to you and makes the little detour as quick as possible
    Gladly goes over with them
  • 23
    You mention you tripped over your cat this morning. He says:
    "You're such as spaz, but was the cat okay ;)"
    "You're so fat and clumsy"
    Nothing, it's not all that important to him
    "You still look pretty nice, even for a klutz ;)"
  • 24
    You tell him you have a little crush on Joe. What does he say?
    "I heard Joe has a girlfriend"
    "Joe's pretty cool."
    "Joe would never like you"
    "Who's Joe?"
    "I don't really like Joe, he can be kind of mean"
  • 25
    Lastly, do you feel confident he likes you?
    He hates me!
    Yeah, he shows many signs
    Probably not
    He could, but I'm not sure

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