What are YOU like? (Meant for Girls)

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Personality quiz-why do people like YOU?

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    When you are embarrassed you...
    I start daydreaming and not paying attention...
    I don't get embarrassed, what do you take me for?
    I sort of look down and stop listening...
    Go red, shake and get tears in your eyes
  • 2
    When a guy smiles at you, you...
    Look away, talk to my friends intently
    Smile, but I really find it weird
    I hang around boys all day! I go over and talk to them!
    Erm...it's not my strong point when it comes to boys but I kinda speak to them for a bit...
  • 3
    You know a boy has a crush on you, and that he is getting you a Christmas present for you. You...
    Ignore it, no matter what!
    March up to him, tell him to cut it off, and not get him a present-it's his fault he's getting me one!
    I would try to pretend I don't know, then eventually, if he knows I know, go up to him, tell him not too and buy him something like chocolate-what else can I get him?
    Buy him something small...maybe chocolate or something...
  • 4
    You are trapped. Three boys like you and are prepared to fight for you. One is strong, one good-looking, the other kind. To stop the fight, you choose one of them. Which one?
    Erm, can I try to negotiate, like, tell them I don't like any of them?
    Good-looking...I need someone to make me look cool!
    Strong one! He'll make me seem so much cooler...or leave them to fight, what do I care?
    If I HAVE to pick one, the kind one...
  • 5
    At Christmas, you are going away. You want your friend to come over though. You...
    Shout at my parents until they decide I can let them round! I'm gonna get MY way!
    Ask them if we can stay, and if they say no, say sorry and walk away blushing
    Ask them to stay, and if they say no, walk away angrily
    Never mind, I'll invite them around another time. No point in getting my parents annoyed, is there?
  • 6
    You're staying for Christmas, because your parents said yes! But now, you have to let your friend round even though all your good friends are gone, there's just a mean girl. You...
    Ask my parents if I have to invite her, then blush and look away.
    Shout at my parents until they say I don't have to invite her round!
    Invite her round and not tell my parents she's mean.
    Explain to my parents. Hopefully they will understand!
  • 7
    Your parents say you don't HAVE to invite her round. You say...
    Say Thank you but just leave it be. It's my right to choose who I invite round!
    Ignore it. I don't care if I get told off for not being polite!
    Say thank you around 5 times and make them a card.
    "Thank you so much for believing me!" And buy them a present
  • 8
    At Christmas you...
    Be polite but no praying or whatever. Na-uh
    Pray to god and say thank you for everything, to everyone.
    Dance around, music on full blast! It's a special day!
    Say Thank you to everyone and a quick prayer, but that't all really...
  • 9
    When it snows you...
    Tell my parents I'm going out before playing in the snow!
    Only go out if my parents say yes.
    Ask my parents to go outside, then go out if they say maybe or yes.
    Run outside without asking if I'm allowed! It only snows once a year!
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    Loved it!
    Hated it, waste of time!

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