Life at Hogwarts

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After being whisked away to Hogwarts by the Hogwarts Express, you appear in front of the majestic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. How will you spend your time here?

  • 1
    You arrive in front of the Castle, waiting to be sorted into your house. What do you do while you wait?
    I meet new friends. After all, they are my new classmates
    I stick with my close friends that I met on the train, or my old friends that I've known for years
    I stay to myself, or talk to the one or two kids beside me
    I observe all my fellow classmates from distance, and see which ones I like
  • 2
    The doors open, and the Sorting Ceremony begins. What House do you wish to be in?
  • 3
    After being sorted, you sit down at your House table. What do you do?
    Eat, and talk to your neighbours
    Watch the other tables and eat
    Talk with the other wizards and witches about life at Hogwarts, and which teachers to avoid getting on their bad side
    Talk to the House ghost about their experiences at Hogwarts
  • 4
    Classes are starting, and you soon find out that your Charms professor is the worst. What do you do?
    Go to Charms, since I am here to learn
    Go to Charms, since it's the right thing to do
    Go to Charms with my friends, but prepare for the worst
    Skip, and get study notes from a friend. I still need to pass, after all.
  • 5
    When you go to the library, you...
    Only go if I really need to, but I'm not really familiar with the library
    Study, or grab a different spell book
    Look at the muggle books, or other random books that look interesting
    Get what I need/want
  • 6
    It's the first Quidditch match of the season, Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor! What do you do?
    Go to the match, either to watch my favourite sport or play
    Go to the match, but bring something else in case I get bored
    Go to the match. Team spirit!
    Go to the match, and watch all the technique errors to make sure I don't do them
  • 7
    What do you think of muggles/muggleborns/halfbloods?
    Meh. I don't really like them
    They're friends, even if they're mean
    They're people. They shouldn't be treated differently, and I will stand up for them in case they are
    Just another student or person
  • 8
    Your best friend asks for relationship advice to ask out one of your fellow classmates. You...
    I tell them to go for it, and if the person rejects them, brew a potion that makes their hair pink for a month
    I tell them to go for it. The worse thing that could happen is rejection
    I tell them to go for it, and I go with them as moral support
    I tell them to make sure they really like the person, and then tell them what to do depending on their answer
  • 9
    You get called to the Headmaster's office. Are you scared?
    A little
    Depends on the situation
  • 10
    Your fellow classmate is sneaking out to Hogsmede on a free day. You...
    Go with them, but I make sure I have a back up plan in case we get caught
    Go with them. It is a free day
    Politely decline

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