Which Disney Princess Are You?

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  • 1
    What do you find yourself doing in your free time?
    You don't have any free time, you always work!
    Drawing or doodling
    Out adventuring, or at least trying to, until you're mother calls you in
    Being alone, thinking about things
  • 2
    Who do you find yourself hanging around?
    Nobody, you don't like talking to people
    Your family
    Your pet, since he's the only one around
    Your coworkers
    Yourself, but you don't mind it to much
  • 3
    What type of guy do you like?
    The bad boy type who has a change of heart
    You're not really interested in a relationship right now
    A "princely" type who will sweep you off your feet, but you'll really take anything at this point
    You're to afraid to get close to a guy or anybody for that matter
    The over-confident type that changes his arrogant ways just for you
  • 4
    What's the one thing you want in this world?
    To live your dream
    To be accepted
    To be understood
    To live the life you've always fantasied about
    To achieve your life goal
  • 5
    What do people love most about you?
    Your hardworking attitude and determination
    Your spunk and hyper-activeness
    Your free spirit and positive look on life
    Your willpower and protectiveness
    Your defiance and courageousness
  • 6
    Where's the one place you love to be?
    In the kitchen, cooking up something good!
    Your room, you don't leave there much anyway
    In the forest, doing your own thing
    Anywhere that's not your home
    With your family, wherever they may be
  • 7
    What do you and your prince like to do together?
    Eat a whole bunch of chocolate and just be together
    You don't have a prince, and don't really plan on getting one
    Cook, although he's not to good at it, but you love that he's trying
    Read, dance, draw, all sorts of things! As long as your together
    You don't really have a prince, at least not now
  • 8
    What are some of your flaws?
    You have a hard time making up your mind, and you trust people to easily
    You feel that your way is the right way, and you tend not to listen to what other people have to say
    You have a hard time finding confidence in yourself, and sometimes let your emotions get the best of you
    You fall in love too fast and have very little patience
    You're a little stubborn and too hard-headed
  • 9
    Where's you're dream wedding?
    At home, with your family in the front row
    You don't have a boy to get married to!
    Wherever your prince feels most comfortable, since he's not big on fancy things
    Surrounded by nature, no matter how muggy or gross it is.
    You don't have anybody to wed, and you don't plan on changing that
  • 10
    How's your happy ending?
    It ends with you finally being accepted and reunited with the family that you shut out for all those years
    It ends with you achieving your goal and living your successful life with the one you love
    It ends with you and your prince living a happy life with your family
    It ends with you finally seeing the true things you need in life and living happily with your prince and family
    It ends with your family finally understanding you, and living a happy life

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