How Well Do You Know iHasCupquake

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10 Questions - Developed by: Serena - Developed on: - 16.187 taken - User Rating: 4.13 of 5.0 - 8 Votes - 2 people like it

  • 1
    What is her real name?
  • 2
    How old is she?
  • 3
    What is her husband's nickname?
  • 4
    What is her favorite series?
  • 5
    What hair color does she have?
  • 6
    What was her old Dog's name and Her two kitties' name?
  • 7
    What were her 3 bunnies name in Cloud 9 season 1?
  • 8
    What is the most funniest thing that has on Cloud 9?
  • 9
    What kind of toys does she like?
  • 10
    What are her friend name from Enchanted Oasis?

Comments (19)


IHascupquake (96501)
2 days ago
It said I am a true fan😄Yay so happy!
Questionator (96501)
7 days ago
Can I have Cupquakes shaved hair 4 sewing?
Sup (96501)
7 days ago
OMG!!!!!! I just watched Cupquake's "Change." vid and OMG Y DID SHE SHAVE HALF HER HEAD I'M SO SAD (Not sayin like she shouldn't of done it I'm proud of her 4 doin it but Y
Hi (96501)
7 days ago
I wonder if Cupquake herself took this quiz and saw our comments?
IHascupquake (96501)
7 days ago
I'm CupquakefanNo1? Anything to do w/ Cupquake is happy, not negative, so if your gonna be negative, go somewhere else and be sad/angry
Rocky Road (96501)
9 days ago
Soz meant ScoPro Vlogs
Rocky Road (96501)
9 days ago
Hey guys, could u do me a BIG favour? My friends have AWESOME youtube channels, so could u plz subscribe to ScoPro Vligs and Kaycee 5707 (p.s "CupquakefanNo1 I am not taking people from the all awesome Cupquake just sayin ma friends want subs)
Rocky Road (96501)
9 days ago
My life motto: Some people just need a high five... In thr face... With a frying pan
CupquakefanNo1. (96501)
9 days ago
Hey "I hate people" if ur gonna take this quiz, don't try and take all the Cupquake fans to JoJo Siwa! U r on here as a FAN not someone to just say"Hey, this quiz is alright but come check out AWESOME JoJo Siwa!" If u r taking this quiz, u just have to admit that Cupquake is BETTER than JoJo Siwa😠
CupquakefanNo1. (96501)
9 days ago
I hate people (17671)
50 days ago
Sorry what's up people for kind of coping your name I just thought it was a great idea ,Anyway I love I has cupquake I got all the answers right , doesn't it feel good to know ihascupquake, I think it feels amazing , I don't like that I am saying this but jojo siwa is my favorite you tuber ,I just thought I would say this because I like ihascupquake, go check out the test about jojo siwa . I am sorry if you think I am chatty , I am not chatty , OK just wanted to tell you that I LOVE jojo siwa , sorry if you think this comment is too long , please respond to this comment please. Peace out , bye
What's up people (17125)
52 days ago
I got all the answers right,not bragging just saying.
Ilovecupquake (49841)
72 days ago
Waaahahhhh it says I barley know her:(
Michele D. (00705)
74 days ago
This was SOO easy I got all of them right
Jasmine (35245)
137 days ago
This was way harder than I thanked of
Juliana P. (31225)
588 days ago
Yassssss taking test my fav?!?!?!
Amna (04822)
589 days ago
I got half too but not late sub
Amna (04822)
589 days ago
This was harder than I thought
Cassandra (80126)
724 days ago
late subscriber, got half of the questions wrong