Does he like me?

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So many people wonder if their crush likes them. Now you can find out! Warning: this test may not be very accurate. Answer honestly for almost true results.

  • 1
    How do you communicate?
    Through the Internet (Skype, email, Instagram, etc.)
    In 2+ ways.
    In person.
    We don't.
    By phone.
  • 2
    If you talk with him, what are they doing?
    Acting nervous.
    Just being themselves.
    Acting nicer to you, in general/flirting.
    Teasing you/Being playful (poking, mocking, hugs, etc.)
  • 3
    When you see him, what does he do?
    Comes over to be with you.
    Flirts with you.
    Ignores you. Proceeds to exit the room blushing.
    Doesn't do anything, but glances at you every now and then.
    Doesn't react.
  • 4
    How much do you like him?
    7-9 (you think about him at least five times daily)
    4-6 (a small crush)
    0 or less (indifferent/hate)
    10 or higher (completely infatuated)
    1-3 (friends)
  • 5
    What stage are you at?
    Not at a stage:(
    I mean, I know him from school/work, but that's it...
    Already dating.
  • 6
    What do you like about this person?
  • 7
    Which best describes you?
    All over the map / moody
    Smart, athletic, nice...enough.
    Geeky, nerdy, loyal.
    Sporty, good grades, beautiful, vain.
    I'm kinda monotone...
  • 8
    What is he like?
    Musically talented, smart, shy.
    Outgoing, funny.
    I don't exactly know; I've never met them.
    Sarcastic, geeky, shy.
    Loyal, handsome, moody.
  • 9
    How much do you think you and him have in common?
    Well, we both like each other...
    A few things.
    About half and half.
    We're complete opposites.
    I wouldn't know; don't talk to them.
  • 10
    What do your ages compare as? (age ratio)
    Less than a year difference.
    They're in my grade.
    I'm around a year younger.
    I'm at least a year older.
  • 11
    Filler question: What is your favorite Pokemon type? (doesn't count towards your score)
  • 12
    How long have you known this person?
    *Known being how long they've acknowledged your presence, or at least appeared to.
    Only a little while. (days to three months)
    Over three and a half years.
    A year or a little less.
    A year to three years.
  • 13
    How many times do you see him?
    Once or twice a month.
    Once a day (about)
  • 14
    When do you see him?
    In my dreams
    With their girlfriend:(
    Where I stalk him...
  • 15
    What is his relationship status?
    Taken, but not a strong bond.
    Single, but without any want of a girlfriend.
    Dating me!
    In a relationship; they look like a cute couple.

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