What warrior cat are you?- 2

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This test is to see which warrior cat you are. From Cloudtail, Hollyleaf, Graystripe, Firestar, and Bramblestar!

  • 1
    Uh oh! RiverClan is attacking! What do you do to help or defend your Clan?
    Cloudtail, do anything besides being a mouse-brain! Help over here!
    Dustpelt, round up Millie and Brairlight, along with the elders!
    What? RiverClan? Oh no! I can't rival against Willowbreeze!
    *just lunge into battle*
    It's for the great or the good! MRRROOOOWWWW!
  • 2
    Your hunting. Spiderleg and Dovewing have gone to check out that fox-scent. Then suddenly, you smell that "fox-scent." The bushes rustle, scaring away your juicy magpie. A copper-red coat bunches out of the bushes! The fox! What do you do?
    Jayfeatheeeerrrrrrrrr! Heeeelllppppp!
    Rear up on its back legs, bite it, then go look for the day patrol.
    Pffff. I can take this thing easy!
    Get reinforcements.
    Give it a good nip at the ankles, then send out a yowl for your Clan.
  • 3
    You were just sharing tongues with Brackenfur and Crowfeather at a Gathering. You gladly hear a yowl that the Gathering is over. Yes! No more Crowfeather! But then Russetfur, from ShadowClan asks you to come to the Four Trees tonight. What do you do?
    I'd say no. Every ThunderClan cat knows to not trust ShadowClan!
    It's like Silverstream all over again!
    No. No. No. NO.
    I don't take orders from a former ShadowClan-rouge face! I'm Firestar!
    Okay. Like Brightheart won't notice.
  • 4
    Your visiting the Moonpool. Seedpaw and Squirrelflight are just in the lead. Then all of a sudden, a pillar comes crashing down to the cave floors. What do you do?
    Just going along...
    Squirrelflight? Seedpaw? Are you okay? We need to go, now.
    Order my cats to get out immediately. No Moonpool tonight.
    Help! Some cat, helppppp!
    Look up at the cave ceiling and see if any more rubble is going to fall.
  • 5
    What? You hear that there's a fifth Clan. But then your leader says it's just StarClan. But cats never say fifth Clan! They only say StarClan! What do you do?
    Best friend of Clan leader! I already know what it means.
    I should know it. I was training to be a medicine cat, besides.
    SkyClan. That is what it is. I should of never said fifth Clan.
    We're going on the Great Journey! What leader doesn't know it?
    Fifth Clan? New adventure!
  • 6
    How do you like the test so far?
    Move it along...
    I'm just going along.
    It's great, Dark.
    Great questions.
  • 7
    What if StarClan sent you a dream saying you had all the bloods? Kittypet-blood, loner-blood, rouge-blood, Tribe-blood, and Clan-blood!
    I know that I have kittypet-blood, but not rouge-blood!
    StarClan! Whyyyyyyy!
    I have all of them, except Tribe-blood. Maybe not rouge-blood...
  • 8
    What's your ideal prey?
    Maybe a water vole.
    Anything, except a scrawny blackbird.
    Voles, shrews, something small.
  • 9
    Tigerstar comes back from the Place of No Stars. He brings in BloodClan again, with the new leader, Bone. They are attacking camp right now! What do you do?
    Help the queens with Hollyleaf, then get the elders away!
    I'd help Leafpool with supplies, then get the queens.
    Fight like all of LionClan!
    Tell Bumblestripe to fetch Onestar, and WindClan.
    Fight alongside StarClan!
  • 10
    You're being captured by hairless Twolegs! What do you do?
    Tell Brambleclaw to take good care of ThunderClan for me!
    Wait? Do I have a brown pelt? I feel like Leafpool!
    Anything besides this. *grunt*
    I had so much to say!
  • 11
    What would you do if this test really did have 30 questions?
    Just keep going already!
    S-StarClan? Is that you? TAKE ME AWAY
    I have better things to do than take this mouse-brained quiz.
    I also have better things to do...!
  • 12
    Your going across the mountains to see Midnight, again. You bring along Nightcloud, from WindClan, Boulder, from Shadow-Clan, and Voletooth from RiverClan. Then all of a sudden, Voletooth breaks his back leg. What do you do now?
    I'd get a cat to help, even if it's a rouge!
    Every cat that dies is one less mouth to feed.
    Try to help him. But keep quiet that back legs don't mend.
    Dig a hole for his grave. Just being planned for the future!
    He can't stay here! He has a prophecy to fulfill!
  • 13
    In a random dream, your just being born in a six-kit litter, in a Two-leg den! Your mother is a brown she-cat with black stripes, and a gray muzzle. You are suddenly able to open your eyes. You see your siblings as adults, but your still a kit. What now?
    What kind of dream is this?
    This is kinda scaring me...
    Why this dream? Aren't I kittypet-ish enough?
  • 14
    If you weren't color blind? What color would you recommend being your favorite?
  • 15
    Right now, let's pretend your Clan leader. An apprentice has broken the warrior code. What do you plan to do for their punishm-ent?
    Make them go hunting, and tell them to come back with fifteen prey!
    Work with the cranky elders.
    Make them gather moss, each day, for half a moon.
    Search for thorns in all the nests.
    Pull ticks off the elders, warriors, and queens.
  • 16
    Okay. Your in RiverClan right now. Your name is "Lightwood." You have just gone to the river to get some water for Leopardstar. You soak a ball of moss, then take a quick drink. The water tastes like Twoleg rubbish! What do you do?
    I'd go check upstream.
    Tell the day patrol about it, then tell Leopardstar.
    Go to tell the leader about the water. She can do something about it.
    First of all why am I a tom, second of all, what am I doing in RiverClan?
    Smash the ball of moss, so no cat can drink it. Safety first!
  • 17
    You're almost done with the quiz!
    Awww! Make a What Warrior Cat Are You Quiz 3!
    Next question, please.
    Okay. Beats my needs.
    How long have I been doing this?
  • 18
    You're exploring through the leaf-fall forest. Then you see a cat. She has a blue pelt, black undercoat, three black paws, right leg is black, three black stripes on back, and tail tip! Whew. She tells you her name is Dark. (ME!:3) What now?
    Hi. Now get off ThunderClan territory.
    MEEP. Hi.
    What are you doing here?
  • 19
    Let fate decide >:)
  • 20
    Last question!
    You're in a battle against WindClan and ShadowClan!
    Ashfur, who is in your Clan, springs in front of you and bites down hard on Kinkfur, who had just left a swollen nick in your ear. What do you do now?
    Let me at 'em!
    Move aside!
    Thanks, Ashfur!
    I can do this on my own, thank you very much!

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