My Little Pony Quiz

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A quiz to see how much you know about MLP

  • 1
    What is Pinkie Pie's REAL name?
    Pinkamena Diane Pie
    It's Pinkie Pie
    Pinkamena Dianne Pie
  • 2
    What is Twilight's home town?
  • 3
    What did Pinkie Pie grow up on?
    A mountain
    A gem farm
    A rock farm
  • 4
    What type of creature is Discord?
    A Draconaquess
    Chaos in animal form
  • 5
    Who is Vinyl Scratch?
    The DJ pony
    DJ Pon3
  • 6
    Who is Shining Armor?
    Rainbow Dash's brother
    Twilight's brother
    Luna's brother
  • 7
    What wizard does Twilight admire?
    Star Swirl the Birded
    Star Spangle the Swirl
    Star Swirl the Bearded
  • 8
    What team does Rainbow Dash want to be a part of?
    The Rainbowbolts
    The Shadowbolts
    The Wonderbolts
  • 9
    Why did Luna turn bad?
    She hated the Elements of Harmony
    Because ponies slept through her night and played through Celestia's day
    Because she wanted to rule over Equestria
  • 10
    What element of harmony is Rarity?
  • 11
    How many Princesses are there?
  • 12
    How did Rainbow Dash get her cutiemark?
    Making a Sonic Rainboom
    Making a Sonic Rainbomb
    Learning to fly
  • 13
    Who is Spike?
    A villain
    Twilight's helper
    A dragon
  • 14
    Who is Cheese Sandwich?
    The super duper party pony
    A cheese sandwich
    A cowboy
  • 15
    Who tried to ruin The wedding in A Canterlot Wedding?
    Princess Chrysalis
    Lady Chrysalis
    Queen Chrysalis

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