What is your Warrior Cat name?

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This is for the Warrior Cat fans only! Find out what your Warrior Cat name is!

  • 1
    What is your favorite clan?
    Tribe Of Rushing Water
  • 2
    What rank are you?
  • 3
    What is your personality?
  • 4
    Where would you rather live?
    A Forest
    The Pines
    An Island
    A Cave
  • 5
    Halfway! Do you have the patience to continue? Do you like this test So far?
    I don't know
    Yeah sure but- rabbit! *Runs*
    No, I don't have time for this silly quiz. I have better things to do.
    Yes! Of course, but it could use some work..
    NO! It's terrible. If I could, I would just kill it!
  • 6
    How do you hunt?
    Wait for the birds to come down to our prey, then launch ourselves on top!
    No shadows, keep my distance, but stay close enough to fling my prey out of the river.
    Light on my paws and with patience.
    I just go in for the kill, I run as fast as possible.
    It depends on the prey.
  • 7
    How important do you think the warrior code is?
    Important, but its hard to do my jobs when I have so many rules to keep me from them.
    I don't follow the code, only my leader/healer.
    The warrior code has no meaning! But I still have respect for it.
    A little. But sometimes it gets in the way of my duties to the clans.
    Very. I only want to bend the rules to help all clans.
  • 8
    How do you treat kitty pets?
    I invite them in, but only if they are young, or skilled. But don't mistake me for weak.
    Awful! Those no good mouse brains just roam and do absolutely nothing but eat their tasteless pellets and get rubbed on by twolegs!
    A what now?
    I don't mind much, but they don't help my clan any.
    I see them as a chance to make my clan stronger. We train for a reason, though you can't always trust a kitty pet. They could turn on you easily.
  • 9
    How do you defend your territory?
    I don't have borders..
    Hostile, but not too hostile. I don't want my clan mates to not trust me.
    I attack! They intruded in a place that is not theirs. They don't live here, so they have no rights to be on my territory.
    Calmly, don't count on me to start a fight over borders if we have done nothing wrong, I also tell my leader
    With anger, though I don't attack, I make sure they won't come back anytime soon.
  • 10
    Did you like this test?
    Yes, it was fun. It got me out of boredom
    Eh… I don't know..
    Not really, but I guess its not the worst..
    I guess….

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