Am I Lesbian

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Are you or are you not?

  • 1
    Your best friend (girl) invites you to stay at her house for the night (she is lesbian). When you get there you?
    She asks to go to her room
    Watch Television sitting close together
    Watch television as far apart as possible
    Ask to go to her room
  • 2
    You end up in her room somehow and she goes to lock the door. You...
    Close the blinds also
    Smile when she locks it
    Watch her as she locks it
    Get far away
  • 3
    She takes off her top and asks you what you think of her boobs. You say..
    They are beautiful
    They are nice
    You are a creep and leave
    can I see more
  • 4
    She starts to unbutton your top. You...
    I am not there but if I were I would be running
    Unbutton the rest quickly
    Let her do her thing but get turned on
    Unbutton one more
  • 5
    You are now topless and she kisses you. You...
    Hug her
    Kiss her back
    I already left
    Smile at her
  • 6
    She takes off her pants. You look down and she is wearing lace underwear. You think..
    Man it is nice
    Damn that is sexy
  • 7
    You start to make out and she somehow figures out how to undo your bra and your pants. You are now in your underwear. You decide to...
    Slow down to kissing
    Keep making out
    Pull them off too
  • 8
    You are making out on the bed when her mom yells that she is working overnight and will not be home until one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. You continue making out when your friend gets a text from another one of your lesbian friends. She wants to come over. You say..
    Say sure I guess
    Say yes (while thinking you could have a threesome)
    Already left but they can get down together but I will not be there
  • 9
    Let's now give them a code. X is the first friend and Y is the other. Y arrives and heads up to X's room. She finds you and X naked on the bed. She runs over and pulls off her clothes and lays down on the other side if you. You...
    Rub her pussy
    Stare at her boobs
    Kiss her
  • 10
    She stays the night also. You need to get changed and you change where...
    When will this be over!
    Watch them change
    In the bathroom while they change together
    Change in from of them
  • 11
    You all sleep together and you feel X's hand on your breast. You...
    At home
    Spoon Y ( you always thought she was cuter)
    Kiss X softly
    Make out with X while grabbing Y's boobs
  • 12
    You get crazier and now you are...
    Sleeping at my house in my bed ALONE!
    Have a threesome
    Make out with X
    Making out with Y's body on the ground while X sleeps
  • 13
    You wake up in the morning to find yourself with one naked girl below you and another on top of you. You...
    Change that too men please
    Make out with both of them
    Rub Y's butt
    Lay there while enjoying every minute of it
  • 14
    You walk out of the sleep over..
    Being Y's girlfriend
    Planning on another sleepover tomorrow night
    Taking X to court
    Being X's girlfriend
  • 15
    Would you like this fantasy to come true..

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mackenzie ( 5.106 )
Posted 226 days ago
Omg I wish it could come true can you make another quiz
milllie ( 32.46 )
Posted 251 days ago
oh I am so wet right now
flower petals ( 2.222 )
Posted 259 days ago
lol u guys are excited huh?
Anonymous ( 3.234 )
Posted 303 days ago
I need this so turned on so wet
Foxy Girl ( 5.104 )
Posted 303 days ago
This made me so wet! Ugh why can't this happen in real life!?!