Are you Straight, Bicurious, Bisexual, or Lesbian? (Girls Only)

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Are you trying to figure out what you are? Me to! Take this quiz to get a better idea. It will not tell you but help you figure it out. Only you can know the answer.

  • 1
    What do you want the answer to be?
    I don't know
  • 2
    What do you think the answer will be?
    I don't know
  • 3
    If a girl were to kiss you, what would you do?
    Eww. Push her away, I'm not like that.
    I would kiss her back, then maybe after we might do something more ;)
    Umm I'm not sure I might kiss her back, I might not.
    I would kiss her back for sure, but soon stop
    I have absolutely no idea
  • 4
    If a guy came up to you and kissed you, what would you do?
    I probably but I'm not sure
    Kiss him back right away, no doubt about it. Might even take it farther(;
    Ya I would kiss him, but probably stop soon after
    Eww no, boys are disgusting!
    I would kiss him back... A lot.
  • 5
    Your best friend (girl) comes out as a Lesbian, and says she likes you, what do you say/do?
    Tell her that your'e not sure, you might be willing to go on a date with her or something.
    Honestly no idea
    Of course I would say yes, I might even kiss her..
    Tell her yes, and say you're all for it.
    Tell her sorry, but you don't like her like that.
  • 6
    Your best friend (guy) comes out and says he likes you, what do you do/say?
    Tell him that you can go out on a date but no funny business
    Tell him you'll think about going on a date with him.
    Eww of course not, I don't like guys.
    I don't know what I would say/do.
    Tell him you like him too/ tell him you'll go on a date with him, and see how things work out.
  • 7
    Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a girl/woman?
    I don't even know
    Yes I may have kissed a girl a few times/ I've had sexual thoughts about women
    I kissed a girl once/No but I've always wanted too
    Yes of course! / I've went all the way with a girl.
    No! Of course not that's gross
  • 8
    Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a man?
    I don't even know
    I've kissed one/thought about kissing one/could possibly have sexual intercourse with one
    Yes of course! / I've went all the way before!
    Ew of course not why would I have any type of sexual relationship with a man!
    Yes! /Had thoughts about something more(or done something more)
  • 9
    2 people come up to you asking you to go out with them: One is a very attractive man, the other is a very attractive woman. Who do you go with?
    Obviously the woman, men are disgusting creatures.
    I have no idea
    I would have thought about the woman but go with the man
    Um I don't know, can't decide. It could be either
    Obviously the man. Why would I choose the girl?
  • 10
    2 people come up to you asking you out: One is a non-attractive man, but he has a nice personality, and the other is a non-attractive woman, but she has a nice personality. Who do you go with?
    You can't decide it's just to hard!
    Have thoughts about the woman but go with the man.
    Obviously the woman who likes men anyways?
    The man of course, I would never be caught dead on a date with a woman.
    I don't know
  • 11
    Have you ever thought about dating/marrying a woman?
    I don't know. What!
    Definitely not, maybe a kiss or something though.
    No! I could only marry man.
    Yes I totally could!
    Yes! I could see that and maybe one day we could adopt a child!
  • 12
    Could you see yourself ever dating/marrying a man?
    Ew no! Men are not for me!
    I don't know
    Ya, I guess.
    Yes! Of course a man is my only choice! We would have kids too!
    Yes definitely

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