How much do you know about horses?

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This is created from a horse expert. Warning it is hard!

  • 1
    What do you use to clean out a horses feet?
    Hoof extracting brush
    Hoof declumper
    Hoof pick
    Hoof cleaning brush
  • 2
    What is not a horse color?
    Dappled gray
  • 3
    What is different from a hunter jumper horse and show jumper?
    You get extra points for faults in show jumping
    Show jumpers have three part competitions
    Show jumpers have more natural pretty, fences
    Show jumpers compete on a timed course
  • 4
    What is under the saddle?
    Saddle pad
    Saddle blanket
    Anti-rub sheets
  • 5
    What horse had a dished in profiled head, a small thin body, thin hair, small size, hard hooves, and is great for long distance riding?
    A Thoroughbred
    A Suffock Punch
    A Quarter Horse
    A Mustang
    An Arabian
  • 6
    What is the saddle used for a flat class with long stirrup leathers and a deep seat?
    Contor saddle
    Bareback pad
    Close contact saddle
    Jumping saddle
    Dressage saddle
  • 7
    In what order do you use your brushes?
    Hoof pick, dandy brush, hard brush, curry comb
    Hoof pick, curry comb, dandy brush, hard brush
    Curry comb, hard brush, dandy brush, soft brush, hoof pick
  • 8
    What is the smallest horse breed?
    Mini pony
    Shetland pony
  • 9
    What two horse breeds look alike?
    Clysdale and shire
    Sufforck punch and Great Dane:)
    Norwegian forjd and Draft horse
  • 10
    What is the triple crown?
    A jumping race split into three parts and hosted in Arabia with the Arabian horse breed
    A three part major race
  • 11
    What is a breed with colorful spots that were rode by the Indians?
    Spotted Saddle horse
    Dutch Warmblood
  • 12
    What is a stocking?
    A mark that covers the cannon bone
    A mark that covers the coronet band
    A white mark that goes past the hocks and knees
  • 13
    What is the side strap on the bridal
    Crown or brow band
    Throat latch
  • 14
    What is wrong out of the few statements?
    Thoroughbreds were bred to race
    Draft Breeds were meant to pull carts and plow land
    When a horses fur is white then, the skin under it is the same color
    Thoroughbred were bred from three Arabians
  • 15
    What is inside a horses hooves?
    The hoof bone
    The coffin
    A frog
    The splint bone
  • 16
    What bone is below the knee and above the hoof
    Splint bone
    Cannon bone
  • 17
    What is the part of the horses lower lip that sticks out in a bump?
  • 18
    (the last question I ran out of ideas and make up words sorry) What is the name of a horse with curly hair?
    European Curly Horse
    Asian Curly Miniature Horse
    Bashkir Curly
  • 19
    Do you think you aced this quiz?
    No it was really hard (me: sorry bro I warned you)
    No I hate you (me::()
  • 20
    Sorry if quiz was bad or hard but please tell me if you liked it
    It was easy
    Yeah it was cool
    Too hard

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