Which Legendary Pokemon would you be?

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    Which Pokemon type do you think you'd be?
    Ice, Rock, or Grass
    Dragon, Dark, or Ghost
    Fairy, Flying, or Electric
    Bug, Steel, or not listed
    Poison, Fighting, or Fire
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    Which Legendary do you think describes you?
    Kyurem. I'm sort of quiet, and I'm pretty chill.
    Darkrai. I'm mysterious and cool.
    Shaymin (Land Forme). I'm fun and floaty!
    Cobalion. I try to protect people often.
    Genesect or not listed.
  • 3
    What kind of Pokeball do you use most often?
    Timer Ball
    Poke Ball
    Master Ball
    Quick Ball
    Ultra Ball
  • 4
    In the event that you have to fight, what would you be fighting for?
    Someone made me, and I'm not gonna back down.
    Because I really had to.
    To release energy!
    For justice.
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    On your birthday, what is your general attitude?
    I remembered their birthday, so they'd better remember mine.
    It doesn't matter. Whatever goes, goes.
    Nice, it's my birthday.
    I let everyone know!
    I stay as quiet about it as I can.
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    When making a Pokemon team, what do you consider?
    I just fill my team with legendaries and one-hit KO everyone.
    Whichever Pokemon work best in a team.
    How cute my team looks!
    The stats- everything has to hit hard!
    Whichever Pokemon I think are good in a team.
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    Which of your Pokemon wins all of your battles?
    The cutest one. They also get all of the treats!
    The one I grew attached to.
    My starter. Always.
    Whichever cool legendary I got recently.
    The one I trained the hardest with.
  • 8
    When choosing a starter, what do you have in mind?
    I do a lot of soft-resetting to get shinies, so I don't pay attention much to that.
    Whichever one looks the nicest.
    Stats, stats, stats, stats.
    The type I like best.
    The one I can use to wipe out the bad guys the fastest.
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    Your favorite legendaries look like...
    Whichever the box mascot is.
    Big dragons or spirits.
    Cute animals.
    Ones with common sense.
    The most powerful Pokemon to exist!
  • 10
    Out of these normal-type Pokemon, who is your favorite?
    Azurill? Jigglypuff? I can't decide.

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